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North Korea could drop nukes, Vegas shooting haunts Washington couple and other headlines

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ARTS & CULTURE: Ever wonder what it would be like to live life with a cat for a beard? What about being cursed to do so as a pirate on the hunt for treasure? Illustrator Matt Nelson wanted to know too.

WHAT'S UP: What's more amazing than acrobatics? How about acrobatics on ice? Cirque du Soleil's new show Crystal kicks off this week in Spokane. Find more about that, burlesque, comedy, story slams and more all on this week's calendar.

FOOD: Do you like really spicy stuff? Check out this salsa recipe that uses rare (but locally available!) super hot peppers.

Manzano pepper is the key to this spicy salsa recipe. - DANIEL WALTERS PHOTO
Daniel Walters photo
Manzano pepper is the key to this spicy salsa recipe.


North Korea would give up nukes if U.S. promises not to attack
After peace talks with South Korea, Kim Jong-un reportedly said that he'd start a supervised shutdown of North Korea's nuclear program if the United States would promise not to attack, but some experts say similar promises have been made before and may just be an attempt to end sanctions, The New York Times reports. (New York Times)

Fewer cell phone choices?
T-Mobile and Sprint are hoping to merge, but the competition between the few large cell phone carriers has benefitted customers, so regulators will have to decide whether or not to bless the union, USA Today reports. (USA Today)

They survived, but Las Vegas shooting still haunts them
The Seattle Times takes a look at a couple from Sultan, Washington, injured in the Las Vegas shooting last year, as they try to cope with impacts from the shooting that killed 58 people and hurt more than 400 with bullets and lasting psychological effects. (Seattle Times)

No medical marijuana for Idaho
The latest effort to get a voter initiative on the ballot to legalize medical marijuana didn't collect enough signatures, the Spokesman-Review reports. (Spokesman-Review)

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