Saturday, June 9, 2012

RE: Less Perfect Cats

Posted on Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 8:23 AM

To the lovely person who recognized and "cheered" the wonderful people here
who adopt homeless cats, that on the surface might seem less desirable,
from our community's shelters - THANK YOU for bringing attention to such a
great thing! My heart filled with joy as I read your comments about the
older, shy, and less-outgoing cats who come into the Spokane Humane Society
(and the other two main shelters here) and often are overlooked in favor of
cute, playful kittens. As a dedicated volunteer for one of those shelters
here, I have come to know and love the 100s of cats--young and old--that
have come and gone. Many of the "senior," "differently-abled" or long-time
resident kitties will always hold a special place in my memories: Foster,
Charity, Steve the Pirate, Princess, Lyra, May, Darin, Sevvy, Stormy, Hali,
Monte, Chopsticks, Bart, Cole, and countless others. Some of them are still
waiting for homes at this moment. Cheers to EVERYONE who loves and cares
for ALL animals including puppies, kittens, older cats and dogs, and both
those waiting in the shelters and being cared for in loving homes.


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