Saturday, August 4, 2012

Boy Scouts

Posted on Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 8:23 AM

Cheers to all the Boy Scouts who are active in their community, family and
school. Who make an effort in getting their merit badges on the road to
Eagle Scout Rank and scholarships. They sell everything from Christmas
trees to expensive popcorn to honey to earn money for camp, the troop and
community outreach programs. They dig ditches, clean up trash and help any
community member that needs it. Not all leaders are abusers nor are all
scout troops homophobic, the great groups try instead to round out the
scout to be an outstanding member of the community, help the kid with the
rough background want to be a better person and looking to the Scouts for
positive role models. It is too bad there has been so much bad publicity in
the news outlets concerning the BSA, the "news" for the most part is
concerned about the sensationalism of the story and selling papers. Who
cares that there are many outstanding scouts and leaders? To heck with
realizing that just because something is stated at the national BSA level
may not be the way every scouting organization is run. The Inland Northwest
area is loosing a great BSA camp because of greed and shady politics in
exchange for something the majority does not want. Boys in scouts have a
hard enough time as it is, bullied at school, sometimes embarrassed to be
seen in public in uniform because they are teased, harassed and spit upon
because it's no longer "cool" to be in scouts. If they are not taught at
home or school how to be responsible, where else should they look? BSA is a
good start for some so let's have some positive news coverage for a change
and support teens who are actually making a difference.


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