Saturday, December 15, 2012

RE: Learn To Park

Posted on Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 8:23 AM

Re: Learn to Park. I am a bit late in reading this silly jeers, but the
thing irked me. To the lady who took half of the jeers section to say what
could have taken a few sentences: "I am sorry I made it difficult for you
to get into your car. I remember being pregnant, and that must have been
frustrating. Circumstances prevented me from parking appropriately (as I
usually do), so it looks like we were both having a bad day. For what it's
worth, I am sorry." That is what a kind, loving mother does. Which in turn,
teaches your children to treat others with kindness and respect. So here's
to you, pregnant lady. Being pregnant is hard and emotional, and you get
pissed at things that you may just shrug away any other time. The parking
thing continues to be irritating when people park so close to your car with
their mammoth SUV's and trucks you cannot get your child into their car
seat. It just sucks. And to the mother who wrote this, you deserve grace to
for your silly arrogant response, because your life is clearly difficult
too. Seriously though, who would not get upset if they could not get into
their car because someone parked so close to theirs. What is she supposed
to do, squeeze her belly in? Crawl across the passenger side 36 weeks
pregnant? Is it that hard to see why she was upset? I doubt it.


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