Saturday, December 15, 2012

This Life

Posted on Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 8:23 AM

This ones for the people who make my life a constant party. From the ones
who've taken a random roadtrip to Sandpoint, to the ones who've crashed
dance parties at the Davenport with me. You're a pro at this whole friend
thing. I mean let's talk about the pictures we've taken. Or we could talk
about the things we've done. The places we've seen. The things we've yet to
do. Let's see... the bottomless fries we've eaten, the rooftops we've
scaled, cliffs we jumped, the rink we've skated, the chai's we've had,
coffee dates we've been on, the places we've traveled, the money we've
raised, the dessert we've eaten, the pools we've jumped in, the hair that's
been cut, the video's we've made, the antique stores we've rummaged
through. mmm. Oh, the thrifting we've done and the money we've spent and
with it the treasures we own. We should probably calculate the number of
calories we've gained from the endless amount of baking parties that've
gone down at the house. Actually, let's not. We've got more recipes to try.
Check us out... we'll all live well into our 100's due to all the laughter
that has taken place. Wow. What a life we're living. My vote is that we
party on. Kosher style.


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