Saturday, January 12, 2013

Moronic Spokane Drivers

Posted on Sat, Jan 12, 2013 at 8:23 AM

When you're driving, you need to put down your phone, ignore the kids in
the backseat and leave the radio alone. Also, please wait to eat, put on
your makeup, or anything else other than drive and pay attention to your
surroundings. Whenever you turn or exit a parking lot watch for
pedestrians. On 12/21 I was almost hit by an idiot driving a late model
green pickup while crossing Nevada and Lyons. If I hadn't been paying
attention I might be dead or seriously injured, the driver would have a
lawsuit, ticket, and possible jail time. Is it really worth it to be in
such a hurry or so distracted? Also, during this time of year snow on
sidewalks and puddles near sidewalks are common. I know it's hard to
comprehend, but some people do still use them to walk on. So quit being
lazy and shovel the snow and ice, while driving please actively avoid
splashing people on the street by driving around or slowing down when a
puddle is present. Drive safe and have a great day. Thank you.


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