Saturday, January 12, 2013

RE: Homelessness

Posted on Sat, Jan 12, 2013 at 8:23 AM

This is in response to the person who wrote a "poem" about homelessness in
Spokane. I respect your right to be offended by "thugs" prowling the
streets, dealing drugs and begging for food. But if they were successful
drug dealers I'm sure they wouldn't need to beg for food. I hope you
respect my right to have the opinion that you're an intolerant, conceited,
judgmental fool. Have you ever considered the fact that these homeless
people have histories behind them you could never fathom? Your mother could
be homeless. What if her home owners insurance lapsed and she lost
everything in 30 minutes and was recently laid off. What if your Uncle
started to develop mental issues and had no insurance? Forced to live on
the streets. And you trying to make your own way supporting yourself or
family, living paycheck to paycheck, you won't help, but judging by the
ignorance of your writing you don't make much money to do so anyway. Were
you so sheltered for your whole life that now the mere sight of a homeless
person disgusts you? Are you really that screwed up? You think that
homeless people need to be forced out of town? Why not try to help them.
Volunteer at the mission. Talk to these "Thugs". Is your next course of
action to round them all up and put them in concentration camps? Look this
song up "Another Day In Paradise" by the Great Phil Collins


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