Saturday, May 11, 2013

RE: Lack of Reading

Posted on Sat, May 11, 2013 at 8:24 AM

To the ignorant person who says "teenagers don't read anything": wake up.
No, Teens don't use books as they did in what I'm assuming is 'your day and
age', but we do read. Teens use the internet to learn English language and
participate in open discussions which help to enhance the knowledge and
create new avenues of information. We share matters concerning our studies
and academics and learn communication skills through conversations. We are
a whole new generation of thirty-three million people who are constantly
writing about ourselves, reading about our friends, IM-ing, Texting and
what not. It is no different than picking up a pen and paper and mailing a
letter to grandma, except you didn't begrudge us for it then. We do
appreciate the value of a good story and the power of a speech that moves.
Yeah some of us have a hard time understanding what the value of Romeo
dying at the end of 'Romeo and Juliet' was but we know what Atticus is
fighting for in 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' and What Martin Luthor King
Juniors Dream was. We know these stories and put them to use, comparing
them to our own lives and choices. We learn from them. Yes it is tragic
some children don't know who Adolf Hitler is, but Teens today read and
write of their own accord. We are used to writing now. We have become
Honest documentarians of our own lives and that is a really great thing. We
are researching, understanding, and keep a record of our daily lives.
Literary wise, we are advancing simply because we want people to know who
and what we are all about. As for the teachers salary comment, teachers
don't become teachers for the money, they do it for the love of kids and
teaching. You don't like your pay, get a different job.


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