Saturday, June 29, 2013

RE: Tips

Posted on Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 8:24 AM

Since you are someone who assumes to know everything about server's income,
let me explain something to you about the service industry. Servers are
taxed 8.5% on their total sales. This means that they receive very small
paychecks because their total sales for a given period are taxed assuming
people tip, and the percentage is taken directly out of their paycheck. At
the end of the year I file my taxes and receive about $600. My husband does
not work for tips and receives roughly the same amount (we also claim 0 and
not 1). Hence, I am not receiving my taxed income back from the government
at the end of the year. It's a normal occurrence for people to tip poorly
or not at all. It happens and I accept it as such. Furthermore, I tip out
about $4,000 per year to the kitchen which I have to claim as income that I
really don't take home. In addition, we live in a society in which most
people use some form of plastic to pay for most of their purchases, so on
the rare occasion we receive a cash tip it hardly makes up the difference
for people who don't understand the concept of tipping. I am going
to 'assume' that you are one of those people who feel it unnecessary to tip
a server (providing that they gave you good service). I would like to
extend you an invitation to take a job as a server. You can see what it is
like to walk a mile in our shoes, and get an understanding of how difficult
it can be to deal with hungry, rude people. Perhaps then you will
understand how much we rely on tips, and truly appreciate the people who
tip us well. My advice to you is simple; before you go ranting about what
you think you know, make sure you are correct in all your assumptions!


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