Saturday, August 31, 2013

RE: Perplexed

Posted on Sat, Aug 31, 2013 at 8:24 AM

Who bemoans the scarcity of Wang and Saint Laurent fashions on Spokane
bodies - you're joking, right? Or maybe your Jeers is part of an undergrad
sociology class project? To prevent the young and impressionable from
thinking you're authentic, here goes: Spokane is not a third world country,
but it's not a sister city of Beverly Hills. It is part of mainstream USA.
Spokane's median household income is nearly one-third less than the state
level, and nearly one-fourth less than the national. Spokane shoppers might
love Louboutin shoes, but a typical pair costs well more than a month's
rent. Such 'self-expression' just doesn't mesh with more frequent choices
facing people, like: 'should I get that tooth fixed, get the car its badly
needed tune-up, or treat myself to a new pair of glasses not held together
by duct tape? I'll buy up as many Wang and Chloe items I can find - just as
soon as they hit the racks at Goodwill, 'kay, sweetie? Have you ever
considered spending a year or two in the Peace Corps? I promise you'd come
back no longer 'simply perplexed' about all tacky clothes assaulting your
vision here. (Your view that female downtown shoppers don't dress well
enough to 'make their husbands want them' is bizarre in too many ways to
even address. BTW, what do you do for a living? Our younger population
could use practical job advice).


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