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Best Athlete: Drew Timme

Best Athlete: Drew Timme
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Drew Timme made something of an old-school decision off the court by opting to return to college rather than leaving early for the NBA. And for that, we thank you.

Gonzaga's 6-foot-10 power forward has earned his fair share of accolades and honors. He's been named all-conference and all-America, and enters his junior season as a favorite to win national player of the year awards. Is Best Athlete in the Inland Northwest up there with those? Considering his outlook on life, it very well may be.

"I find it funny," Timme says about his creative and spirited on-court celebrations. "I do it because it's just a little joy for me. If it brings others joy, then good."

Drew Timme has brought an immeasurable amount of joy to Spokane in his two years with the Zags, and in return Spokanites have honored him with the top spot in this poll. Whether it's the ever-changing facial hair — his handlebar mustache has been affectionately dubbed the "Drew Manchu" — or the intricate handshakes, with both teammates and his youngest fans, Timme finds a way to bring a smile to his face, and to those around him, even in the most competitive, tense moments on the hardwood.

Earlier this season, Timme's teammate and second-place finisher in this poll, Corey Kispert, was asked to name the funniest player in the locker room. His answer came without any hesitation.

"Drew Timme. It's not even close," Kispert said. "He's spontaneous. You don't know what's coming out of his mouth."

A Gonzaga player was going to win this award, and on a team loaded with superstar players it was just a matter of figuring out which one it would be. Timme's personality, combined with his exceptional abilities on the court, no doubt helped push him over the edge. Because, while his personality is big, his game is even bigger.

Timme was a highly touted high school prospect coming out of the Dallas area, and was expected to be a key contributor for the Zags. That's exactly what he was as a freshman, but it was this past season that the then-sophomore really exploded onto the scene. Timme started every game and led the No. 1 ranked Bulldogs in scoring, with 19 points per game, and rebounding, with seven per game.

Something of an old-school big man on the court, with deft footwork and soft touch around the rim, Timme made something of an old-school decision off the court by opting to return to college rather than leaving early for the NBA. Which means the Best Athlete in the Inland Northwest will be back again next season, ready to bring more wins and a whole lot more joy with him.

2nd PLACE: Corey Kispert, GU basketball; 3rd PLACE: Jalen Suggs, GU basketball

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