Question of the Week

What are your favorite animal-related accounts to follow on social media?

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Amanda Howard Phillips: Kitty Cantina: Spokane's Cat Cafe.

Missy Narrance: Honestly, I'm really into the Instagram of @pancakes.n.sprouts, the Browne's Addition hooligans. I'm a little bit biased, though.

Vicki Forslund Bordieri: Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, Barney the West Coast Cockatoo, Lucky Lou and Coco Too, the Tails of Hubble and Huckleberry [all on Facebook].

Derrick Oliver: Duh. Spokane's very own Leny the Retriever! Instagram: @leny_the_retriever

A.D. Frank: The Wondrous Adventures of Mittens [Facebook group]! Wellington's favorite cat. He commandeers vehicles, has the key to the city, and pretty much is allowed in anywhere he wants to go. He also is often found in people's locked cars when they leave and come back, among other features of his intrigue.

Erika Deasy: On Instagram, George the Vulture, Tika the Iggy, The Daily James, HobbiKats, Effin' Birds. On Facebook, Boop My Nose.

Avista Utilities: @bellaatavista on Instagram.

Elizabeth Kercher: The Dodo on Facebook!

Shamra Andrews: I try to keep aware of the local lost-and-found pet Facebook groups. So many pets are needing help.

Elisabeth Hooker: Spokane County Foster Kitties and Pups [Facebook group]. It's like an hourly serotonin injection. ♦

Humane Society of the Palouse: Kitten Shower @ 1912 Center

Sun., June 4, 1-4 p.m.
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