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Thursday, 5/31

Big Easy, DJ Chris Woods

Bluz At The Bend, Crosstown

Brooklyn Nights, The Groove Patrol

Caterina Winery, Turning Left, JS Butcher & amp; Pat O'Neill

Double Dribble, D.J. Bruski

ella's, Tracy Carr, Triangularity

Empyrean, Early Show: Trash Talk, Go For Broke, Convictions; Late Show: Band of Annuals, Kid Theodore, Robert Dunn & amp; the North Country

Irv's, DJ Real

Isabella's, DJ Licorice

Lion's Lair (456-5678), DJ Small Cuts

Moon Time, Acoustic Wave Machine

O'Shay's, Open Mic, Harvey Stanley

Prago, Early Show: Vespertine, Kori Henderson, Thomas Bechard

Talotti's 211, DJ Silent J

Wine Cellar, Dave Walsh

Working Class Heroes, Maxie Mills

Zombie Room, DJ Doorman

Friday, 6/1

Arbor Crest Downtown (747-3903), Kelly of Fair Iesa

Baby Bar, James Pants, Impact Exploder

Barrister Winery (465-3591), "Lonesome" Lyle Morse

Big Dipper, Hemlock, Total Chaos, Sixstitch, Gabriel's Fallen, Core Box

Big Easy, Joseph Israel, Eric Church, DJ Graffix

Big Foot, Mr. Happy

Bluz At The Bend, Crosstown

The Blvd., Burnt Offerings, Catacomb, Locke

Bolo's, After The Fall

Brooklyn Nights, The Shook Twins

Caterina Winery, Suzie Bradford & amp; the Side Project

Chillers (208-667-1896), Trilogy

Club C8, DJ Lique, DJ K-Phi

Coeur d'Alene Casino, Four On The Floor

Country Lane Resort (208-682-2698), White Noise

Curley's, Somebody's Hero

Dempsey's, DJ Scott

The Elk (363-1973), Elkfest

ella's, Triangularity, Joe Kloess

Empyrean, Kaylee Cole, Kori Henderson, Brynna Lynea, Mercedes

Fizzie Mulligan's, Ultra-Glide

The Flame, DJ UnME

The Grail, The Let Up

Iron Horse, DJ S l production

Irv's, DJ Real

Isabella's, Robert Dunn

Jimmy'z, David Fague

John's Alley, Luau Cinder

Lefty's, Chris Rieser & amp; Cary Fly

O'Shay's, John Sylte & amp; Friends

Peacock Room, Schauer w/ Friends

Pend D'Oreille Winery, Josh Hedlund

Prago, DJ JAH & amp; Real Life Sounds

Raw Sushi, Headspace & amp; Timing

The Scoop (535-7171), Nate Greenburg

Slab Inn, DJ party w/ Luke Bryant & amp; Eric Church

Thumpers, Satellite

Volcano's, DJ LG

Wine Cellar, Bone, Bolan & amp; Nelson

Working Class Heroes, Ken Luker

Saturday, 6/2

Barrel Room No. 6, Dave Powell

Big Dipper, Shelflife

Big Easy, Static-X, OTEP, DJ Mayhem

Big Foot, Mr. Happy

Bluz At The Bend, Crosstown

The Blvd., Haystack & amp; Paleface

Bolo's, After The Fall

Brooklyn Nights, The Shook Twins

Caterina Winery, 6' Swing

Chillers (208-667-1896), Trilogy

Club C8, DJ Lique, DJ K-Phi

Coeur d'Alene Casino, Four On The Floor

Curley's, Somebody's Hero

Dempsey's, DJ Scott

Di Luna's, Annie O'Neill

Double Dribble, DJ Bruski

Eichardts, Mike Bader Blues Trio

ella's, Casey Wilkinson, Triangularity

The Elk (363-1973), Elkfest

Fizzie Muligan's, Ultra-Glide

The Flame, Big Mike

The Gorge (206-628-0888), John Mayer, Ben Folds, Rocco Deluca & amp; the Burden

The Grail, Botched

Huckleberry's, Jeff Darin

Iron Horse, DJ Sl production

Irv's, DJ Real

Isabella's, Save Lefty

Leonardo's Coffee, Shadowtransit, Tyler Mounce

New Groove, Rogers Percussion Ansemble, Sean Saugen, Logan Heftel, Blak Curtain, The Nightfly

O'Shay's, Melefluent, Mistress & amp; the Misters, the Spudpickers, Meerkats

Prago, DJ Matt Nasty

Pend D'Oreille Winery, Mixolydian

Raw, DJ Parafyn

Spokane Falls CC (509-533-3724), Spokane Falls Jazz Festival

Slab Inn, ThunderRoad

Talotti's 211, DJ Silent J

Thumpers, Satellite

Trick Shot Dixie, Chris Rieser & amp; the Nerve

Working Class Heroes, Maxie Miles

Volcano's, DJ LG

Zombie Room, Obstruktor, Rutah, Keres

Sunday, 6/3

Arbor Crest (927-9463), The Doghouse Boys

Bluz at the Bend, Cary Fly

Coeur d'Alene City Park (208-667-3162), Ben Preslee Klein & amp; the Rockabillies

The Elk (363-1973), Elkfest (see page 37)

Empyrean, Tonight is Glory

Europa, Sidhe

Isabella's, DJ Licorice

South Perry Farmers Market (879-2987), "Lonesome" Lyle Morse

Spencer's, 2 for 2

Steelhead, Ken Luker

Monday, 6/4

Baby Bar, iPod DJ Night

Blue Spark, Open Mic

Eichardts, Truck Mills

Empyrean, Impact Exploder, Open Mic

Europa, Jonathan Nicholson

John's Alley, D Numbers

Parkside Bistro, Open Mic

Tony's Supper Club (208-667-9885), Jaco Purdie

Wine Cellar, Pat Coast

Tuesday, 6/5

Big Easy, Flyleaf, Kill Hannah, Resident Hero, Sick Puppies

The Bing, Pearl Django

The Blvd., I Hate Sally, the Chariot, Misery Signals, I am Ghost

Brooklyn Nights, Matt Tansy

Caterina Winery, Open Mic, JS Butcher

Club C8, DJ Lique, DJ K-Phi

ella's, Danny McCollim

Empyrean, Origin, Danny Dollinger

Irv's, Open Mic

Jimmy'z, Craig Landron

O'Doherty's, Irish jam

Prago, Open Turntables, DJ Small Cuts

Raw Sushi, DJ Parafyn

Tony's Supper Club (208-667-9885), Mike Dwyer

Wine Cellar, All That Jazz

Wednesday, 6/6

Baby Bar, DJ Small Cuts

The Blvd., The Blowouts, Piss

Eichardts, Charlie Packard

ella's, Don Johnson & amp; Friends

John's Alley, Dirty Earth

Latah Bistro(838-8338), Kalliope

Lion's Lair (456-5678), DJ Ramsin

O'Shays, Robby French

Panida, Pearl Django

Prago, Tranquility Bass DJ's

Raw Sushi, Open Turntables w/ DJ Mayhem

Wine Cellar, Chuck Dunlap

Zombie Room, Open Mic

Zombie Room, Flee The Century

Next Week

The New Groove, Danny Webber, The Let Up, The Nightfly on June 8

Northern Quest, Little River Band on June 10

Coming Up

INB Performing Arts Center, Chris Botti on June 20

Big Easy, Grant-Lee Phillips,the Wattang Family on June 9

The Arena, Alison Krauss & amp; Union Station, Jerry Douglas on July 8

Coeur d'Alene City Park (208-667-3163), Kenny Andrews & amp; Resurrection on July 8

Templins (208-773-1611), PJ Destiny on July 12

The Grail, KERES on July 14

The Gorge, Ozzfest on July 14

Thumpers, Satellite on July 12

The Gorge, Warped Tour on Aug. 18

Templins (208-773-1611), PJ Destiny on Aug. 18

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