I Saw You

Week of May 11


RE: I SEE YOU EVERYDAY: Hi gub! You're the best gublet ever! Love you lots! You owe me a date to our favorite spot soon. Hehe Lllaaawwwhhhlll!

HOME DEPOT RETURN LINE CONVERSATION: Having not seen each other in several years, we visited in the return line at Home Depot (E Sprague) on 3/21. It was so good to see you! Your daughter, Lauren, and my son went to pre-K/kindergarten together. And you told me she has recently moved back. I would like to see you again, and continue our conversation someplace other than a home improvement retailer:) Scott

AMAZING PITA PIT MANAGER: You are funny, smart, kind, and beautiful. You brighten my day every time I see you. Thanks for being wonderful!


LALA: We missed you at the connection gate back, but we want to thank you for the upgrade, and the donation from your album release event!! Stellar record, and a shining example of a star, rising.... Silently over that ocean,...that river,...that stream. Find us in TX and Maui next time you play there. We will find you in "Spo-yes-you-can"!! From the bottom of our hearts, we are so blessed with your gift!! Yes, we'll keep it country, if you keep it coming. Your music is wildly wonder-filled. Bless those, prayin', playin' hands, dear one!! Stay...the...course.

TERESA, THIS ONE'S ABOUT YOU: There has always been this very strange energy between us; you once told me you felt like you knew when I was thinking of you and what intentions were behind the thoughts. I'm wondering often if you "know" that I've gained a new perspective on you, one of understanding and I regret speaking about your priorities, your value as a person, and about your intentions being anything other than what they were. I fell into the same battleground; I get it now. I've now experienced what you tried to open up to me about, and I'm sorry. Truely. I hope that you can feel the intensely loving thoughts I've sent to you recently.

RECOGNITION: Cheers to Inlander! Thanks for your journalistic professionalism which many publications and news media outlets lack today. This platform given to the common man/woman without censor is commendable. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion they hold dear to a public debate; this is how America was founded, not on canceling opinions even the ones you disagree with. And you have provided an easy way to do that. The main newspaper here in Spokane actually censored my letter to the editor/pubic peers that included the phrase "leave the damn dams alone." It was a key phrase in the closing of my opinion. I was called and informed my choice of words was profane. I was told if my letter was to be printed I would need to change the wording and drop the word damn. I did agree. Yet in the next week's Sunday paper a letter was printed from a TDS rant to letters to the editor containing the phrase "God damn Trump supporters." On Sunday?.... anyway thanks for letting thoughts be seen from the common person without partisan-censured propaganda on hypocritical display and WGAF people say damn on TV SMH

SITLL HAVE MY STEPS! What do the homeless want? Evidently my porch furniture. Sigh.

THANK YOU, SPOKANE: I am grateful to the city of Spokane for all you have given me during my time here. Thank you for the beautiful parks and green spaces! Thank you to the local artists for sharing your art with us. Thank you to the bus drivers and those on public transportation who have been so helpful to a fellow passenger. Thank you to the workers of Spokane for your humor, kindness and generosity. You are a lovely city! Thank you.

LOVE WINS: Cheers to my amazing partner... When confronted by a Dollar Tree customer, who felt compelled to call you the N word, you didn't take the bait. I can't imagine your mix of emotions when simply minding your business and some horrible human verbally assaults you. Remember this person is an embarrassment to every non-POC, a threat to every POC, and represents privilege and racism in all its ugliness. You represent the good and promise in this world, supporting people without judgment. Hopefully in the end the world will learn a better way by having known you, and with any grace I will still have the privilege of being by your side.

THANK YOU, WASHINGTON LEGISLATURE: Thanks for keeping my problem-solving skills sharp. This week I have to figure out whether to eat or continue driving legally because it costs $145 to renew your drivers license! At $145, that's nearly 10 hours of labor at minimum wage. Do you all think that little piece of plastic should cost 10 hours of labor? Y'all need to go to church. Damn thieves.

SAVE OUR CROSSING GUARD: Here's a shoutout to the morning crossing guard at the corner of Maple St. and Hayden Ave. helping keep our neighborhood kids and families safe. You're there every day in all kinds of weather, and this grandmother appreciates you. I'll bet your job will be the first to go if the school levy is defeated. I do hope it passes.

ORIGINAL FIRST CHRISTMAS LIGHTS LETTER: Sorry it has taken so long to respond to your first letter. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting that letter in the Inlander. I too am sick and tired of seeing the Christmas lights up all year round. That used to be a great treat for me to wait until Christmas time and see all the beautiful lights up. We would wait all year because back in those days nobody was really putting up a lot of Halloween lights. So it was a thrill for my family to drive around Spokane and look at all the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. That thrill is now gone because every day, every neighborhood, lights are up every day of the week. It has definitely taken the thrill out of it for me. So I thank you for having enough guts to put that letter in the Inlander, and I back you up 1,000%. I am so sick of seeing those lights all around the city. It's taken away a great time of Christmas for me, and I'm sure many others who won't speak up about it. Thank you again.


MORE COMMUNISM: Jeers to Liberty Lake City Council for EVEN CONSIDERING taking the power from librarians and libraries about what books are there. The books are funded by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE. This is how communism starts!!! Banning books is how communism starts.

THIS ISN'T THE GHETTO: To the two unruly women leaving the Hillyard Safeway: It was an honest mistake. The woman in the minivan did not see you crossing in front of her for some reason. She did not hit you and was apologetic. Your abusive response — in front of your child no less — was unconscionable. If you want respect, you should give respect. You're not entitled to anything. Had you chimped out on me, the story would've ended differently for you. Grow up.

RACIST TRASH: Whoever was the guy at the North Side Nom Nom last week. You are a low piece of racist garbage! You got a poor innocent boy in trouble for an honest Mistake! Over simply mistaking your car for his! If it was a little white boy you wouldn't of made such a fuss, but because it was a native you caused a big deal for nothing! You are trash with your white privilege! And great job Spokane Police Department! He was a native without criminal background, and you had him on the ground with a gun to his head! Like wtf! Do better Spokane!

VALLEY GOTS THE BUMPS: Would the Spokane Valley road folks please rustle up an asphalt grinder and fix the bumps where all the concrete meets asphalt at many major intersections, please? Also, please fix the divot just east of Mullen on Broadway where the new development just trenched a gaper and didn't fill it in properly. My kidneys are sick of being jostled around. Thanks, I appreciate.

TO DOG BREEDERS: Can you please tell me why as a dog breeder of purebred dogs, you have to charge such exorbitant prices for the puppies that no one other than someone who is very wealthy can buy a purebred pup? I have raised puppies where my dog had 11 puppies, and there is no way in the world even after the shots that it would amount to the absorbent prices you people are asking for. Everything in this world is getting more expensive. Can't you help your fellow man out and charge a reasonable price for the puppies so some of us who are not rich or wealthy can enjoy having a purebred pup?

STOP THE SNOT ROCKETS: To the three separate runners who blew snot rockets in front of me during Bloomsday: There were people all around you, your boogers could have landed on someone, and please pull off to the side next time. As a fellow runner I understand the need to keep your nasal passages clear, but you should never launch a snot rocket in a crowd and always look around you first. ♦

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