I Saw You

Week of May 18


PETSMART CHECKER SAT. AFTERNOON: I gave you a note I was rushed to write, and I'm sure i sounded like a moron. What it should have said is I find you quite beautiful and being I tend to be super shy it takes a lot for me to be moved enough to express myself but, though you kept your energy to yourself, I couldn't help but notice your hidden demeanor and intellect. Also, how did your co-worker know what I was trying to do when I awkwardly dropped you the note with my number? Was I that obvious or do you have this kind of thing happen to you often? She was also extremely attractive... with my luck though it was because she is already in a relationship with you. Anyways though I allow that tiny spark of maybe I'll get a response this time... I never have before. At least if you see this you'll gain a better insight than "Hey, you're really hot" hit me up from some weirdo in a leather...

POPE FRANCIS: The vicar of Jesus Christ and the apostolic bishop of Rome received his Covid vaccination on Jan. 14, 2021. The pontiff said that ALL Catholics had a "moral obligation" to get vaccinated.


DONNIE NOT SURE: Wasn't sure on how to say thank you. I think your name was Donnie and you were with your friend at Northern Quest casino. Just wanted to thank you. You made my day. I hope you read this! Not sure if you even live in Spokane...

IN THE WORDS OF MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER: "We're in big trouble, Doris — I really think I've fallen in love with you." ~George Peters. "Shut Up And Kiss Me!" ~Mary Chapin Carpenter

BLOOMSDAY 2023: Cheers to the organizers and volunteers for Bloomsday 2023! Once again, it was a spectacular event showing that there are some good things about Spokane, regardless of what others say. Thank you for placing those signs several places that indicated which side walkers are to be on. Many of the walkers didn't pay attention (or can't read), but thanks for trying anyhow. Besides having to zigzag around the walkers at some places the race was just amazing. Also, the finishers shirt was among the best in recent years. So, thank you to all, and wishing for many more like it. Cheers also to the runners in 2020 and 2021 who ran the course together anyhow when the event was only run virtual. Nobody got ill then either, just like this year. Imagine that!

BRAVO, MT SPOKANE: I know it may be late, but a great year and great job by the staff at Mt. Spokane Ski Park. The daily shuttle service in the parking lot is a godsend, especially with kids, and everyone is so helpful. The moonlight skiing was a new experience our family will never forget. Thank you!

TRANS JOY FOR ALL AGES: Cheers to Gov. Inslee and Rep. Marko Liias for passing SB 5599! As a trans woman living in Washington, my home is now a refuge for children that are escaping the wrath of unsupportive parents! Any age, honey you can come stay with Auntie Sam! Knowing that these parents will lie awake at night with no recourse to push their hate on these children makes my heart full and happy. Thank you, governor, for being the light that the state needs. Now children of all ages can find their TRUE family and explore their gender and sexuality in a comfortable environment free from hate!

THANK YOU, SPOKANE: I am grateful to the city of Spokane for all you have given me during my time here. Thank you for the beautiful parks and green spaces! Thank you to the local artists for sharing your art with us. Thank you to the bus drivers and those on public transportation who have been so helpful to a fellow passenger. Thank you to the workers of Spokane for your humor, kindness and generosity. You are a lovely city! Thank you.

STA PARATRANSIT: Cheers to the STA Paratransit drivers, schedulers, dispatchers and supervisors! The Paratransit service is the only way that many people in Spokane can get around. They all do their best to get us where we need to go and to do it on time! Sometimes people are rude, unappreciative, and unkind to them and seem to think that they are the only ones that matter. Every single person that I have dealt with at Paratransit has done their very best to help me, even when they are short-staffed and working overtime. Please be kind! Especially to people that are doing their best to help customers with disabilities with their transportation. The people that work at Paratransit are some of the best people I have ever dealt with.

BIKING TO WORK-ERS: Cheers to the folks riding their bikes to work during Bike To Work Week. The weather couldn't be better for a morning commute on a bicycle. You deserve those free pancakes in Riverfront Park!

RECOGNITION CHEERS TO INLANDER! Thanks for your journalistic professionalism which many publications and news media outlets lack today. This platform given to the common man/woman without censor is commendable. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion they hold dear to a public debate; this is how America was founded, not on canceling opinions even the ones you disagree with. And you have provided an easy way to do that. The main newspaper here in Spokane actually censored my letter to the editor/pubic peers that included the phrase "leave the damn dams alone." It was a key phrase in the closing of my opinion. I was called and informed my choice of words was profane. I was told if my letter was to be printed I would need to change the wording and drop the word damn. I did agree. Yet in the next week's Sunday paper a letter was printed from a TDS rant to letters to the editor containing the phrase "God damn Trump supporters." On Sunday?... Anyway, thanks for letting thoughts be seen from the common person without partisan-censured propaganda on hypocritical display and WGAF people say damn on TV SMH


TO THE CITY OF SPOKANE: So being a regular downtown you should be ashamed of the wasted tax dollars. You have spent two years redoing Riverside. Only you forgot to finish the last two blocks. But it seems too late to do that now that you have put your fancy line markers down. Then today, going downtown you are continuing to dig holes in that section so maybe it will take another two years to finish two blocks. What a waste!

FREE PARKING: How can one run a top-notch retirement community but not provide parking for employees. They don't care where your caregivers park. It's a thinker... maybe the neighbors care?

FIRST RESPONDERS HAD LEAST CLASS: Jeers to the group of four off-shift police or fire or ambulance workers talking about the sight and smell of dead bodies in Three Sisters Restaurant while other people are eating. I had to move across the dining room to avoid ruining my lunch. Where were you raised? In a barn? You really will eat lunch and not have the slightest care that you're ruining other people's lunch? You have not a touch of class, and God help the people who you're supposed to be serving.

RE: NRA MYTH: LOL! Tell that to the Taliban!

KAREN IN RED FORD SUV: You parked in the handicapped spot in front of the doors at Northwest Seed and Pet on North Division. You made a big deal about making sure the doors were locked. When I pointed out that the rig was still running, your incredibly nasty response told me that you knew what you were doing was wrong. You leave your big red Ford SUV running while you shop cause the air conditioner doesn't work well and you don't want to get into a hot car. OMG woman, quit polluting the world, you snowflake. A good mechanic can fix that, for less than what you are spending on gas. Or you can do what the rest of us do to cool off our cars, roll down the window. Its only 70 degrees out. I hope your engine overheats and blows.

RE: MORE COMMUNISM: The word you were looking for was "fascism." Fascism starts with banning books. Fascism is what is being nurtured in this country. The people with power are taking away education so the human capital can be controlled (lied to) more easily. Communism is when the working class and the oppressed take power back from the ruling class. Doing that requires education, community, and action. Maybe you should read a few more banned books. You might learn that communism souds pretty good compared to our current capitalist, fascist death spiral. And before you come at me with "no food, vuvuzela, 100,000 dead" do some research on how many people the US has killed in the name of "democracy" and oil and sweatshop labor. Keep the books in the library. That's how we start taking the power back.

PARKS ARE FOR THE PEOPLE: No, absolutely not. Y'all can't have the authority to arrest the average citizen on what is essentially their property. Man y'all wave that Gadsden flag until people start doing something you don't like and it's all, "We need to arrest more people." Here's an idea: Identify problem areas, have officers walk a beat in those areas at specific times, talk to people, get to know them, let your presence be known. That will do more to dissuade potential criminals without good decent citizens getting caught up for no reason. This is a great city, and one of the best things about our city is the parks and trails. Don't get me wrong — I'm tired of foils and needles and trash. But giving the police license to arrest anyone for being in the park too late isn't going to lead to change. ♦

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