DATING APPS ARE TOXIC: I didn't unmatch you. I deleted my dating app. I will no longer be using them. I will no longer be dating. Dating in general gives me panic attacks, and I don't want to open a dating app and have my anxiety triggered just to talk with you. I'm not mad. I like you.

HEY, DOOFUS: I've loved you forever, but it's time to fully let you go in that respect. You're the best friend I've always needed, and I'm so thankful to have you in my life. No one else I want at my back, and I'll always have yours, too.<3

BLACKROOM BOY: I saw you on the 17th day, in a crowded venue, in this nowhere town, painted with pretty lights. I was no one then, and you were no one too. Together we were someone, and you swore I was made just for you. For 10 years you had Rose's and I flowers of clover. We lived as if we were unbreakable and made all our dreams come true, so why did I forever feel not good enough for you? It wasn't until I needed you most I found in your place only a ghost, a blackroom boy and your white room was loving me. I hope a blackroom girl sees you for everything you truly are, I'm sorry I'm not a princess, I'm that place between sleep and awake where you still remember dreaming. I'll be waiting there.

LUVNMD: To the handsome bearded man who drives a blue truck. I saw you last night under the clouded night sky, listening as you revealed the depths of your psyche to me. Pushing up against the edges of our growth into the next phase of this partnership. What will we choose to tend to, what will we nourish, as we are messy with the deep dark soil of our garden, exhausted from pulling karmic weeds over the year. What are we wanting to bring to life? As we enter this intense eclipse season, may we remember our deep loving connection and hold hands as we move forward into our future and watch what we have planted come to bloom.

D&D CHARACTER CHAT/ABSOLUTELY LOVELY GIRL: Hi, so I am notoriously slow at realizing that I need to ask someone out... usually I realize it about 10 minutes too late... but I ran into you and your friends at Neato Burrito on Saturday night and interjected about your backstory for D&D characters. When I was leaving I should have given you my number but, here we are. Anyway, you are lovely and I'd love to take you out and be nerdy :) if you read this...hit me up!

RUSTING: Will, remember when you exclaimed: "I AM Dylan!" You wander the world, desperately seeking affirmation and admiration on a grand stage with your wanna-be poignant pontificating. The mirror doesn't tell you what you long to believe, and you wax poetic, creating the narrative you need. Ah, the false self. You lament. Try this: Simply put genuine goodness into the world with no conditions. It comes back to you, tenfold. Abandon the lie.


IT'S MORE FUN WITH A BAND: March Madness is upon us, and we'll see how our local teams progress through the bracket. I was filling out my bracket (which will no doubt be totally incorrect after a few rounds of the tournament), and I reflected upon the past season. My wife and I attended a few women's and men's Eastern Washington University basketball games this year, and one thing stood out to me. The basketball playing was good but the pep band was better. I know that's a ridiculous comparison, but the Eagles pep band was consistently entertaining with their jammin' tunes, end-court shenanigans and crazy style (the red and black galea was a nice touch). Thank you, EWU pep band, for an entertaining season!

WHY I LIKE LIVING IN SPOKANE: To the woman from Spokane Public Works who guided us through the plan review for traffic calming on the Altamont loop, thank you very much. You were very patient with our grievances and helpful on laying out the steps ahead. We are looking forward to working with you.

UNITED STATES: One thing I have noticed about this country on both sides of the political spectrum is that both seem to think that the world revolves around the United States of America and its policies. As time goes on, the world will become less dependent on the U.S.A. (hint: debt) than it has been in the memorable past. It would be most prudent for U.S. citizens of this country to realize this fact ASAP in order to improve conditions from within. Good luck.


EMPTY WATER BOTTLES ARE A THREAT! Shame for not allowing empty water bottles into the new downtown stadium for absolutely no reason. What are you worried about? I can take an empty water bottle through airport security but not here? Not that I'd expect water to even be available, you ran out during the match. It's like none of you have ever even seen a sporting event on TV.

SELFISH DRUNK DRIVERS: As customers at convenience stores and gas stations, we all know your drinking and driving when you get a 24-ounce tall boy and A CUP OF ICE. Just stop it. Why are you so selfish and inconsiderate of others? Maybe we should start calling the cops on you guys. Grow up and quit being so entitled.

THE AUDACITY OF HATE: ROSA PARKS REVISITED? Rosa Parks revisited? What an embarrassment a certian Bonner County commissioner has become. He needs to be impeached or lose this year's election! The campaign of HATE and discrimination that he's conducted against a fellow commissioner is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Go read all about it and show your support to this brave woman of integrity. Let's get rid of the other guy. He clearly shows his disdain for a fellow elected official, and wants her to GO TO THE BACK OF THE BUS! Let him know what you think of his disgusting actions.

RE: RE: MINE: We get it. You're afraid of women having autonomy. You need mental help if you are so worried about someone else's body and whatever goes in or out of it. Get a life, touch grass, talk with God and remember Exodus 12:29.

RE: RE: MINE II: Being anti-choice and forcing women to have babies isn't a mental illness, and you can't be institutionalized for it no matter how crazy your arguments are. You're not pro-life, you're pro-birth. If you are going to pretend that pro-life is about ensuring everyone has a chance to live, then give them everything they need to live for life, affordable housing, enough food that no one goes hungry, and health care for life. Or did you miss that part in the Bible where Jesus housed the needy, fed the masses, and healed the sick?

RUSH HOUR MAYHEM: To the city of Spokane Valley. To cut out one lane of Sprague for a bus that carries two people at a time is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!!! Spokane Valley is growing faster than you know, and on any given day at rush hour the road is packed! I think you need to replan your idea!

DEMOCRACY NOW/AL JAZEERA: Shame on Dish network for taking Al Jazeera and Democracy Now off the air. The only channel you can get Democracy Now is PBS, and only in the middle of the night. There is no channel to get Al Jazeera or Democracy Now on Dish network. I guess they don't want us to hear the truth, just commercials and talking heads that have nothing to say, but blabber for one minute until yet another 10 commercial "break."

PROOF OF INSURANCE: The state should require proof of car insurance at the time of yearly tab renewal. Insurance is required by state law. A crash is too late to discover a car is uninsured (if the car hasn't hit and run). Police aren't enforcing traffic laws to determine whether or not a car is insured. So be proactive and make it required upon licensing. That's not a lot to ask.

STATE BOARD OF T&CC: This is a group of incompetents who are paid high wages to do little. They're also the fools who purchased a failed system for over $100 million. It's time the taxpayers of Washington looked into each of their salaries and asked for an accounting of what they do for the money. It smells like fraud.

KKK: Ideologically, the Klan blended xenophobia, religious prejudice, and white supremacy together with a broadly conservative moralism. Amidst a global recession that came in the aftermath of World War I, fear and anxiety were widespread among native-born white Protestants that the country they had known and been accustomed to dominating was coming undone. They worried about an influx of eastern European immigrants who adhered to Communism and other supposedly subversive political creeds, about the seemingly growing influence of Catholics and Jews in American life, and about the migration of African Americans out of the South. ♦

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