SAFETY ISSUES: I see you there, parked down from the Meeting Place on the South Hill, a neighborhood whale of white van-ness, snuggled up to the VERY end of the curb at an intersection. Trouble is Whale-y, your location is causing safety concerns. No human is able to see around you when attempting to cross the intersection while heading north. I've personally seen joggers on the sidewalk nearly smoked by cars because drivers can't see around your white behind. Please tell your owner to move your whale-y ass down the block so safety can prevail for us all. You look like you need some love and your owner needs to practice thinking ahead. Love, the humans near you!

NOT FROM SPOKANE? I saw you expertly engaged your turn signal. You obviously are from out-of-town.

SPA ENCOUNTER: I saw you getting a pedicure. While sitting down in the chair beside you, I accidentally knocked over your fruity red cocktail drink — so delicately perched on your nearby armrest. It soaked us both and we laughed. I should have offered to do your laundry. Will I ever see your toes again?


THIS ONE IS FOR YOU 2! RE: This one is for you. Samuel in the sun! Happy anniversary beebee!! Thank you, for loving me, protecting me, and filling the air in my tires!! I promise to love you as passionately as I am capable of. I promise to always have your back, stick up for you and be your #1 fan! I can't promise to have the amount of patience, like you have for me but I can promise to try. I can promise to always hold you accountable for your actions!!! Hahaha here is to 4 years of marriage and 7 years of being my bestest friend! I love you the mostest.


SAVED INDEED: Re: Sanity Saved. Thank you, forever, is not enough. To know "we're" not alone in these nightmares is the hope we need. Thanks for the truth, the support, the information. Now, there is courage to name the abusers, ya know, those who so feverishly Selfie-Shared every star-studded moment of "our" union (to their ego-affirmation) for the world to see. You have not shamed us into shrinking into the shadows with your pathetic ragings, manipulations, gas-lightings, etc. We have spoken, and will always. Your N.P.D. is not something taken lightly, by us, by your employers, your families. You have greatly harmed many, including your children, and you do NOT care! We know this, and we are no longer silent. "It's Not You" saved MY sanity also. Brilliantly enlightening. The light that shines on those creatures believing they hide in darkness. Reach out to the local domestic violence groups in this city. There are many. Help is available.

BENCH REPAIR: Cheers to the couple we saw fixing a dilapidated bench on Memorial Day weekend. It had been nearly unusable/unsittable for quite some time, and your personal time and materials gave us back a great vantage point over the river. Upon further inspection, it looked like a tribute to your loved ones. Thanks for memorializing your kin and translating it into a gift that the whole community can enjoy on those trails so that they may take a quick rest in the sunshine or sunset, or think about their cherished ones. Cheers to the gentle, broad strokes of humanity and simple gestures.

NOT ALONE: We are not alone in the universe. Jesus was the morning star, which is Venus, while the Nephilim inhabit the moon, which is hollow. Since we only see one side of the moon, are we being watched? No, we are being monitored in the same way we monitor other countries, only much more sophisticated.

DIFFERENCE IN DOCUMENTS: The Constitution is a technical document, like a user's manual for self-governance, while the Declaration of Independence is a philosophical document for human rights. Ancient Greek philosophy influenced much of Western culture with the belief that self-discipline is a basic requirement to self-rule and from that comes individual freedom (political and economic). To extend individual freedom to self-governance requires sovereignty. Sovereignty is hierarchy or a "chain of command," and it has power over any territory or state. Since anarchism is a stateless society, then social transformation takes place during cultural assimilation.

CDA COUPLE IN BLACK TRUCK: Scott and Karen... approximately 5:45pm on 5/29 my '97 Black Honda Accord caught on fire right as I turned onto the on ramp to go home after a 10 hr shift. I couldn't get my hood to pop open, I was calling 911, I was trying to flag down ANYONE who was willing to stop, so I could ask for help and possibly a fire extinguisher. After, what felt like hundreds of cars that passed me, you two stopped. You two stayed for a stranger who was in a complete panic as I watched my car go up in flames. I appreciate and thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I will forever remember both of you, and you will always have a special place in my heart.


OLD BAG: Hey Mr. Retailer, You're not "mad" at the customers who don't want to pay the discriminatory 8 cent bag fee you charge. You're probably highly annoyed that you're beginning to realize that they and you are already paying "the way" for those who aren't required to pay said fee. See, once ya take Guv-Mint funds, your hands are tied in that place. "Oh the land of the once free, and brave." There's no one monitoring the fee. The retailer keeps the fee. Once again, fear-mongering, and non-questioned fees and taxes have divided us. It's working... and you're highly agitated realizing it. We can use an Old Bag. We just believed it to be more sanitary as a gift to have a new one. Yes, we can afford the 8 cents, the 8 cents, and the 8 cents. It's not we that have bothered you. It's the heat. -The Frog in the pot

RE: HAVE SOME GRACE: To a fellow "angry mofo," NEWSFLASH you're literally in the Jeers section writing about others who make Jeers! Please be more self aware and take your "be kind to yourself and everyone else" mentality to the Cheers section... where people go to, as you put it, "breathe and enjoy something." I too have lived a great life — most of us in these sections probably have. I was born and raised in Spokane. I have been reading the Inlander for 30ish years and mostly for the Jeers section! Don't come rain on our parade in the Jeers section with your toxic positivity. If you haven't noticed: the world (especially the U.S.) is facing extreme pressure and stress as we are being brainwashed left and right, especially as we head into this election. WE ARE ALLOWED TO BE BITTER, ANGRY, AND FRUSTRATED with others, with the government, with healthcare/food industries, and with ourselves. YES — we need positivity to survive these wild times but that is not what the Jeers section is for.

RE: RE: DEADBEAT CITY: To the person who states, "If it's a choice between rent & food or paying for (license) tabs, I know what my answer is," try using that line to the officer who (hopefully soon) pulls your car over. It's a lot less expensive paying for legal license tabs than the ticket. If your tabs are less than two months overdue, the fine is $136. If it's more than two months, the ticket is $228. With so many cars driving around with tabs that expired in 2021, relicensing fees for the last several years in addition to the ticket will add up. Go get 'em law enforcement! If you can't afford license tabs, you can't afford to drive, dummy! Start walking instead.

EARLY MORNING: 7:23 AM stranger danger rang the Ring doorbell three times within three minutes. Wrong address! You are an old unintelligent fool for being so rude on a weekend morning expecting what, an early morning delight? You been had!

RE: DEADBEAT CITY: Where does Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs place car tabs in relation to beer, cigarettes, or your latest tattoo? License isn't really that expensive, make a sacrifice and be responsible. And get your damn studs off, too.

THEY'RE OUT OF CONTROL: Jeers to the boomer brigade who strut into our bar like they own the place, ready to dish out their special blend of hateful, anti-trans, and anti-LGBTQ commentary. Oh, pardon me, I didn't realize I signed up for a free ticket to the bigoted stand-up comedy show. Seriously, who gave you the memo that your outdated opinions are the star attraction of the night? Last I checked, bars were for enjoying a drink, not for subjecting innocent bystanders to your toxic word vomit. And let's not forget, folks, this isn't your living room where you can spew hate like a busted water pipe; it's a public space where everyone deserves respect. So, to the boomer brigade: take your hate speech, roll it up into a soggy cocktail napkin, and toss it in the trash where it belongs. Oh, and while you're at it, take a lesson in basic human decency. ♦

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