Issue of

Jun 10-16, 2010

Vol. 17, No. 35


  • Shelter from the Storm

    Spokane experiments in removing untreated runoff from the river.

    By Kevin Taylor

  • The (Finally) Fightin' Fifth

    Sheriff Knezovich wants to revive rehabilitation programs at Geiger. Plus, Cathy McMorris Rodgers gets a Dem challenger.

    By Nicholas Deshais, Kevin Taylor and Heidi Groover

  • Leakage

    How a catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico washes up in the Inland Northwest.

    By Daniel Walters

  • Pinching Pennies

    If you receive state benefits, should you be able to withdraw cash at an ATM without an extra penalty?

    By Kevin Taylor




  • From Scratch

    The Lake City’s edition of Scratch is a lot like Spokane’s, delivering a memorable (if pricey) dining experience.

    By Carrie Scozzaro

  • Braise! Broil!

    Four area chefs teach kids the ropes. Plus, Cake!

    By Carrie Scozzaro and Luke Baumgarten



  • Last Comic Standing

    Jokes about race differences! What'll they think of next?!

    By Lisa Fairbanks-Rossi

  • Life

    The creators of Planet Earth bring Life to life.

    By Joel Smith

  • 3D Dot Game Heroes

    Despite its deep surface, this game feels shallow.

    By Marty Demarest

  • Finishing Kick

    Enough already with your cynical assumptions. Sometimes a remake is even better than the original.

    By Ed Symkus

  • Just Shoot Me

    Screwball comedy is supposed to be an even-handed battle of the sexes. But in Killers, Katherine Heigl plays an idiot.

    By Maryann Johanson

  • C-Team

    This adaptation of the famous ‘80s TV show shoots for camp, but misses.

    By Ed Symkus

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