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Jun 30 - Jul 6, 2011

Vol. 18, No. 37





  • Put a Brew On It

    Brews on Washington opens. On Washington. Plus, Sweet Lou's in Hope, Idaho.

    By Carrie Scozzaro

  • Redrinkulous

    We drink all of the area's biggest, stupidest drinks so you don’t have to.

    By Tiffany Harms


  • Staying on the Beat

    In a tiny room in a dark bar in a corner of the city, Don Goodwin and friends are keeping Spokane jazz alive.

    By Michael Bowen

  • Bustle & Flow

    A local emcee and two Moses Lake transplants have turned a head shop into an independent music mecca.

    By Jordy Byrd

  • Emerald Queen

    The prodigal daughter of the Pacific Northwest comes home again.

    By Jeff Echert


  • Wilfred

    In Wilfred, the guy in the shaggy-dog costume is a stand-in for all your friends who 'make' you do stupid things.

    By Daniel Walters

  • Family Inferno

    Investigating their family's past takes two twins through Lebanon's civil war in one of the best foreign films of the year.

    By Ed Symkus

  • inFamous 2

    The sequel to inFamous has no respect for the skills you acquired in the first game.

    By Marty Demarest

  • Crowne of Yawns

    If Larry Crowne had the courage to satirize corporate bullshit and manufactured emotions, it'd be a better movie.

    By Maryann Johanson

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