Oct 20-26, 2011

Vol. 19, No. 1



  • Papa, Remembered

    They will gather in North Idaho and discuss Ernest Hemingway and it will be good and it will be fitting and in the end they will leave.

    By Joe O'Sullivan

  • Smiling at Death

    Have you ever been sad? Then let the music of orchestra and choir wash over you. Stop trying to figure it all out.

    By Michael Bowen

  • Sword Play

    Musketeers at GU battles Hollywood and woos the young with blades, fists and a hook hand

    By Luke Baumgarten

  • For Your Consideration

    Hanna's action soundtrack out on CD. Plus, clever wearable humor and science made fun in a new podcast.

    By Tiffany Harms

  • The Information Age

    How Spokane seniors are learning to dominate the Internet (right after they learn how to use a mouse)

    By Jordy Byrd


  • Hunter Gatherers

    Lynda Foreman leads packs of mushroom hunters on a quest for culinary gold

    By Jordy Byrd

  • Gaga for Grapes

    The South Hill gets more grapes and savory treats. Plus, Geno's gets a Zola-esque overhaul.

    By Kirsten Harrington and Tiffany Harms



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