Apr 5-11, 2012

Vol. 19, No. 25


  • Records Row

    Environmentalists want emails. Bonner County commissioners say they're personal.

    By Chris Stein

  • Proxy War

    How the battle for the Washington governor's mansion could be affected by the court fight in the other Washington.

    By Chris Stein

  • Big-Ticket Attractions

    Backers of the measure on your April ballot want Spokane's visitors to help pay for the city's sights.

    By Joe O'Sullivan

  • Calling for Calm

    Spokane's bishop wants to talk hot topics, without everyone getting so hot under the collar.

    By Daniel Walters

  • No Escape

    The subject of one of our December cover stories pleads guilty to charges of tax fraud and sex abuse.

    By Joe O'Sullivan

  • Shut Out

    The City of Spokane drops a 'Do Not Occupy' order on the Ridpath Hotel, Plus, a change on the radio dial has people up in arms.

    By Inlander Staff

  • Searching for Abigail

    Men are tyrants, and other nuggets of wisdom

    By Robert Herold

  • Trail Mix

    So what happens if the health care overhaul is overturned?

    By Ted S. McGregor Jr.





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