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Apr 21-27, 2016

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  • Harbingers of Boom

    The local real estate market is on fire — but some longtime observers are worried that buyers could get burned

    By Daniel Walters

  • 'Torture isn't Politics'

    New developments in a controversial, ongoing city investigation; plus, two Spokane psychologists are headed to court

    By Mitch Ryals and Daniel Walters

  • Laser Tag

    More people want to get tattoos removed. But should someone need a medical license to use a laser to remove them?

    By Jake Thomas

  • Targeting Kids

    The Department of Health's new marijuana prevention campaign reaches out to teens

    By Azaria Podplesky


  • 'Meat Suit'

    Trail Mix: Ted Cruz's college nightmares and Mary Verner's campaigning comeback

  • More Than a Statistic

    Whether in Seattle, Spokane or Sandpoint, every homeless person has a story worth hearing

    By John T. Reuter

  • Turning to Turnout

    Democrats need to understand that even a bad GOP candidate can win when the scales are tipped in his favor

    By Robert Herold





  • Going Bro

    Richard Linklater affectionately skewers young dude-hood in Everybody Wants Some!!

    By Scott Renshaw

  • Snowed Over

    The Huntsman: Winter's War is the sequel no one anywhere asked for

    By Maryann Johanson

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