Readers respond to weed DUIs, Trump's call to war widow

Letters to the editor

Readers respond to our Green Zone story about the state of Washington's need to come up with an accurate DUI test for driving while stoned ("Driving Too High," 10/19/17):

Dennis Lunstroth: Why not just have a test that tests for impairment? That way it doesn't matter what the level of THC in the blood is. And besides, THC remains in the blood for over a month in some cases. It's not really fair to judge a heavy pot smoker who hasn't fired up a bowl in several days but yet will test over the legal limit, yet had no impairment.

Salynn Williams: Or how about stopping testing at all in the first place unless there's reasonable cause, like evidence of an actual infraction while driving? I'm never gonna be okay with blanket roadside testing, so-called "safety checks."

Jackson Lyle Rosman: Just offer them a donut, if they're high they'll take and eat it immediately.

Readers respond to our New York Times story about President Trump's botched phone call to the widow of a U.S. soldier killed in an ambush earlier this month. ("Soldier's widow says Trump struggled to remember Johnson's name," 10/23/17):

Ron Schoonover: If you believe he didn't have a written statement sitting in front of him with this soldier's name clearly written on it (probably in bold print) I have a bridge to sell you.

Pattie Seese: Mrs. Johnson was composed, succinct and articulate, if not a little nervous during this interview. She's been placed in the national spotlight over the death of her husband. She has no reason to lie over the content of the phone call that was witnessed by others in the car, all of whom agree on what #45 said. Mrs. Johnson and her family deserve our love and support for their sacrifice and loss.

Bill Terry: Sad that this brave soldier's sacrifice is getting lost in the political bickering.

Jamie Kirkland: LOL ... there is no way he should be accountable to remember names. He talks to many people everyday. You liberals are something else. ♦

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