On the Street

What's the cheapest date you've ever been on?


I think we just walked around the park and went over to Auntie's Bookstore and looked at books.

Did you buy any?

Didn't get anything. But it was fun.


We went to a sandwich shop. My boyfriend, then, loves jalapeno peppers. So he thought he would be real brave and show off for me. He took one out of the dish to eat it and it was so hot, he immediately had tears and hiccups. I was laughing so hard.


Just going to the lake. We walked the Coeur d'Alene boardwalk and sat by the water. I don't think you ever have to spend money to really enjoy the person you love.


We went to the Soho District, where all the little wineries are. We decided we were going to do all the tastings.

Was it fun?

It was. It was unexpected, just on a whim.


I just met some dude and said hey, you wanna do it? Then we did it. That was the end of the date. Ten years later, I married him.

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