On the Street

What is your favorite radio station in the Inland Northwest and why?

Kate Robbins: KYRS because they realize it's a big, diverse, wonderful world and bring it to Spokane!

Alison Koch: KPND!!! They have a great rotation of blues, rock, indie, alt... love what they have been playing for years!

Jane Tanfei: 90.3 KPBZ — it's wonderful to listen to the stories and experiences of other people around the world.

Shane Mabrey: Definitely 92.9 and only because of Dave, Ken and Molly. I love listening to them as I start my day. They're funny, smart, and caring people.

Steve Schaefer: Kool 107.1 for my generation of music, and all the PBS stations in the area. Informative, broad subjects, less bias.

Lorri Stonehocker: The Wayback Hour on KYRS. Always learn new music history. Great stories.

Sam Cassel: Rock 94.5, Scott Steele, Gary Allen, Dalton Chamberlin do an amazing job running that station, play great music, support the local community and love the Mosh Pit Allstars.

Josh Elias Hanrahan: 96.1... They just play the best alt music by far. They remind me of 105.7 the Peak back in the day!

Sarah Danae: 89.5 jazz out of EWU. It's not always jazz!

Matt Behringer: Depends on my mood, if I want music, Alt 96.1 for a variety of good music that the others don't play. But, 90.3 is the most underrated station — public radio to really make you think. A wide variety of intellectual topics.

Sherry Bentley: 100.7 KXLY for news in the morning. Other times, I listen to 89.5 KEWU, as I love the jazz music they play. When I'm in the mood for country, I listen to 104.5 Hank FM. I'm so glad we still have local radio options for those who do not have unlimited data and still enjoy listening to broadcast radio! ♦

Normally, we ask our question of the week of people we randomly encounter on the street. But with the coronavirus pandemic, we instead asked our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

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