On the Street

What comes to mind when you think of Monroe Street?


It's a very convenient north-south arterial to get to the northside and downtown.

What do you think of the possible lane reduction?

That's going to be a disaster. There won't be a reason to go down through Monroe; it will be a reason not to. It'll be all clogged up, and the people [who] are seeking businesses here, I would guess, will be seeking elsewhere.


I use it a lot to get from northside to southside faster than the other arterials like Division and Maple.

Do you stop anywhere on Monroe frequently?

Not a lot. I used to stop at the antique stores, but not as much anymore.


It's a street that all looks the same to me when you pass Boone.

What do you think of a possible lane reduction?

I love it. People speed through Monroe, and I feel like the local businesses would do better because most people use it as an arterial to go straight through.


I love this part of town. It kind of has always been a central area to stop and walk around. This coffee shop is new, but this area has always had great spots.

What do you think of the possible lane reduction?

One friend said something really good about it, that it would be great to bring people in and have them walk around.


I'm from the westside, so it reminds me of Tacoma, which I really like. It's not pretentious like some other areas. It's a good place to hang out.

Do you stop anywhere on Monroe frequently when you visit?

Vessel and Bruncheonette. I also just like walking around and it reminds me of home, I guess.

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