by Mike Corrigan

4,000 Holes Goes Norther -- Spokane's oldest independent full-service record/CD store has moved just a block north from its former location (on the corner of Maxwell and Monroe) to much better and more spacious digs at 1610 N. Monroe St. Look for the new big, colorful 4,000 Holes sign out front, then stop in and say hello to owner Bob Gallagher. Please excuse the temporary mess.

The New Ming Wah -- I'm not even kidding. The Ming Wah Chinese Restaurant at 1618 W. Third Ave. is back, baby -- and better than ever. Go. Eat. Now. All is right with the world.

Arts Criticism 101 -- We didn't realize that Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living publisher Vincent Bozzi was such an expert on the subject of the arts -- in particular, what makes "good" art -- until we noticed his "Lilacs & amp; Lemons" column in the magazine's February issue. In it, he gives lemons to poets who don't rhyme. He also takes a jab at The Inlander's recent "Top 10 CDs of 2004" section, lamenting, "Having not heard a single selection from any of the CDs selected, it's scary how insignificant music has become." Boldly defying the red flags of fallacy, he concludes, "Either music today no longer speaks to a generation, or these particular critics are trying to see how esoteric they can be."

Wow. You know, maybe he's right. Maybe we at The Inlander have been too open-minded, too "esoteric" in our musical tastes. Maybe we should narrow our scope a little so that Bozzi doesn't feel so left out. So it's settled. We shall henceforth discontinue our search for new, vital and contemporary works and instead limit ourselves to the music, art and poetry we loved in ninth grade. After all, that Walt Whitman guy was a hack. And if it isn't classic rock, it's just no good.

Publication date: 2/10/04

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