by Mike Corrigan

Crue Update -- In our last episode, we reported that some Motley Crue fans, expecting to find all seats priced at $39.50, were surprised to learn that some of the best seats were actually selling for $65.50. Well, according to Molly King, marketing manager at Bravo Entertainment, the show's promoter, those $65.50 seats were originally to be used exclusively for a VH-1 special pre-sale that the tour is sponsoring on all dates, while all seats going on sale to the public were to be priced at a fan-friendly $39.50. So don't blame the band or the promoter; because of a communication slip, some of the VH-1 pre-sale seats were made available to the public at the $65.50 price. "They are actually seats that weren't initially going to be made available for sale, " King told us.

So, gang, what do you think? In our zeal to bring you the latest music scene-related news, have we whipped this thing into a "Crue Storm 2005?"

RAWK 3 -- In case you're keeping score, the winners of the first two RAWK Final Four rounds were local bands Catalyst and Big Wang Theory. This Saturday night at Fat Tuesday's, the third installment gets underway with a (mostly) friendly battle among Foreign DNA, Coney Island Pilot, the Mediocre, Manifest and Insult to Injury. Stay tuned for more RAWK news as it shakes out.

Get Your Zs -- For the record, while we love including local venues and local bands in our nightlife listings, we just about blow a seal each time we have to list a name that has been willfully misspelled. Case in point: the recent overuse of the erroneous "z." You know who you are. Now please cease and desist, because it's not cute or cool. It's just very, very wrong.

Publication date: 1/27/04

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