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Check what's happening at local nightspots for the next week.

Thursday, 10/4

Big Foot, Inner Sanctum

Bluz at the Bend, Perones

Caterina Winery, David Boone, the Side Project

Club Max, Papa Green

ella's, John Stowell, Mike Miller Trio

Fizzie Mulligan's, Exit 7

Far West, King of Candlesticks

Isabella's, Siamese Cats

John's Alley, Acorn Project

Moon Time, Frame of Mind

O' Shay's, Open Mic w/ Harvey Stanley

Rusty's Lounge, Jim Tilden Brown

The Zombie Room, Go Kart Mozart (see below), guests

Friday, 10/5

Annie Fannie's (534-1212), Rock Bottom

The Big Easy, Symphony on Edge

Blue Spark, Tulsi with Locke

Bluz at the Bend, Comedy Mike Wally Walter, Perones

The Blvd, Bestige, Reflection, The Sightless Eyes, Burn the Attic, Icarus on Fire, Lucem Ferre

Bobby's Nightclub, Cary Fly Evolution Jam

Bolo's, Xtras

Brooklyn Nights, Ben Mancke

Buck's Roadhouse, Limousine

Caterina Winery, The Trucks, Mistress & amp; The Misters

Chillers, Nighthawk

Club Max, New Jack City

Cour d' lene Casino, Mr. Happy

Curley's, Simon Sez

Eichardts, Jim "The Bossman"

ella's, John Stowell, Dan Cavanaugh & amp; 7-minus

Empyrean, Kaylee Cole, Kristen Raxter

Fizzie Mulligan's, Satellite

INB Performing Arts Center, George Jones (see page 52)

Ionic Burrito, Matt Russell

Iron Horse, Ultraglyde

Isabella's, Robert Dunn and the North Country

John's Alley, Danny Gedinez

Madeleine's, The Shook Twins

O'Shay's, John Sylte and Friends

Pend D'Oreille Winery, Brian Hibbard

Prago, Acorn Project, Ziryab

Raw Sushi, Ohmega Watts (see page 43), Qwel, Parafyn

Slab Inn, DJ Kevin James

The Star, Willie's Haggered

The Viking, The Longnecks

Whitehorse Saloon, P.J. Destiny

Zombie Room, Level Reunion, Kled 9

Saturday, 10/6

Annie Fannies (534-1212), Rock Bottom

Big Easy, The Acacia Strain, DJ Mayhem

Bolo's, Xtras

Blue Spark, Hot Club of Spokane

Bluz at the Bend, The Perones

The Blvd., Early show: Fake Problems, Nothingness, Tampon Mischief. Late show: Staxx Brothers, DJ Tanner, and Quarter Monkey

Brooklyn Nights, The Loyal Sinners

Buck's Roadhouse, Limousine

Caterina Winery, The JonnyForest, The Triumphant Returns, Radio Arms

Chillers, Nighthawk

Club Max, New Jack City

Coeur d'Alene Casino, Mr. Happy

Curley's, Simons

Di Luna's, Beth Pederson & amp; Bruce Bishop

Eichardts, Jim the Bossman

ella's, John Stowell, Dan Cavanaugh & amp; 7-minus

Empyrean, Strata, Kadissfly

Fizzie Mulligan's, Satellite

Ichiban's, "The Tunics"

INB Performing Arts Center, Chad Mitchell Trio (see page 18)

Ionic Burrito, Breanna Abell

Iron Horse, Ultraglyde

Isabella's, Save Lefty

Huckleberry's, Mike Ross

John's Alley, Ian McFerron

The Library Lounge, The Don Larson Trio

O'Shay's, Keith Milligan

Parkside Bistro, Kim Sorenson

Pend D'Oreille Winery, Mixolydian

Rock Joint, Batte of the Bands Final Four feat. Lack Of Change, Forthrite, Two Stones Thrown and Head Charge

Rusty's, Jim Tilden Brown

Slab Inn, Sammy Eubanks

The Star, Willie's Haggered

The Swamp, Dearly Departed

VFW Club, The Maverick Band

Zombie Room, World of Lies, Obstruktor, Zingala, Indium

Sunday, 10/7

Arbor Crest (927-9463), Steve Mason

The Arena, Casting Crowns (see facing page), Leeland, John Waller

Bluz at the Bend, Cary Fly Evolution Jam

Hempfest, Nighthawk

John's Alley, Jazz night

The Swamp, Annie O'Neill

Working Class Heroes, Nighthawk

Monday, 10/8

The Blvd., Death Before Dishonor, Damnation A.D. Faus, Icarus on Fire

Empyrean, Schoolyard Heroes, My Fatal Mistake, The Sissies

John's Alley, The Dewayn Brothers

Tuesday, 10/9

The Blvd., The Supersuckers, Pour Soi, Scatterbox

ella's, Danny McCollim, Charlie Butts

John's Alley, Katsuk, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

O'Doherty's, Irish jam

Wednesday, 10/10

Big Easy, Tech N9ne

The Blvd., The Agony Scene, Misery Signals, Sky Eats Airplane, Born of Osiris, Emmure

Eagles Club, Maverick Band

ella's, Nick Schauer and Nick Herman "The Tunics"

John's Alley, Keeney Bros Guitar competition

Madeleine's, Ben Mancke at lunch

The Office Tavern (208-664-9957), Jim Tilden Brown

The Zombie Room, TSOL (see facing page), Moral Crux, Mercy Killers

Next Week

The Bing, Greg Brown on Oct. 11

The Blvd., Battle of theBands: My Fatal Mistake, Concrete Grip, Deaconess, Separation Self on Oct 11

The Blvd., Coretta Scott, First to Rise on Oct 12

Empyrean, Shim, Cyrus Fell Down, Mistress & amp; the Misters on Oct. 13

Zombie Room, The Phenomenauts, guests on Oct. 13

Northern Quest, Lorrie Morgan on Oct. 14

Zombie Room, Impact Exploder, Belt of Vapor, Ferocious Eagle on Oct. 15

The Empyrean, The Midnight Society, Clifton, I Am The Ocean, My Fatal Mistake on Oct.15

Coming Up

Blue Spark, La Cha Cha on Oct. 20

Brooklyn Nights, Kasey Anderson, Bigsby Jones on Oct. 20

INB Performing Arts Center, Neil Young on Oct. 20

Beasley Coliseum, Taylor Swift on Oct. 23

Big Easy, Brandi Carlile, A Fine Frenzy on Oct. 24

The Arena, James Taylor on Oct. 29

Big Easy, Modest Mouse, Man Man, Love as Laughter on Oct. 31, Nov. 1

Beasley, Doobie Brothers on Nov. 10

Big Easy, Alter Bridge, Another Animal on Nov. 10

Service Station, Anberlin on Nov. 27

The Arena, Manheim Steamroller on Dec. 4

Big Easy, Queensryche on Feb. 29

Spokane Folklore Society's Valentine's Dance @ East Spokane Grange

Sat., Feb. 11, 7-10 p.m.
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