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Thursday, 9/25

Caterina, Kristen Marlo, Dave Hannon, Dane Ueland

Connie's Lounge (208-255-2227), Mac Loyd

Di Luna's, Bearfoot

Empyrean, Kaylee Cole, Karen Finnyfrock

Far West, Max Hay

Fizzie Mulligan's, Exit 7

The Flame, DJ Twig

Gonzaga (313-6123), Hieroglyphics, Blue Scholars

Iron Horse, DJ Oz

John's Alley, Izabella

Laguna Caf & eacute; (448-0887), Just Plain Darrin

Mik-N-Mac's (208-667-4858), DJ Kenya

Mizuna, Abe Kenney

Moon Time, John Shipe

Prago, DJ Luna

The Swamp, DJ Afrodesiac

Talotti's 211, DJs Silent J and Loud Richard

Trick Shots, DJ Freaky Fred

Volcano's, DJ Reckless

Working Class Heroes, Maxie Ray Mills

Zola, Groove Patrol

Friday, 9/26

2nd Look Books (535-6464), David Plell

Arbor Crest RPS (747-3903), Ben Mancke

The Attic (325-3279), Laddie Ray Melvin

Auntie's (838-0206), Trailer Park Girls

Beverly's (208-765-4000), Robert Vaughn

Big Al's, Whiskey Ridge

Big Dipper, Ten Shekel Shirt, Jonny Rodgers, The Renewing, Drawing Two

Bigfoot, Mr. Happy

Bluz at the Bend, Cary Fly

The Blvd., Pretty Faces, Locke, Part Man Part Horse, Meteorites Attack

Brews Bros. (456-5858), Wayne Patrick, Caroline Francis

Borders (466-2231), Gary Burris

Calypso's Coffee, Jonathan Nicholson

Caterina, Musee Mecanique, Kaylee Cole, See Me River

Chillers, Slip Stream

Connie's Lounge (208-255-2227), Loaded

Coeur d'Alene Casino, Thunder Road

Curley's, Blue Fire Down

Cusick Fairgrounds (509-447-0671), Too Hot To Handle, Andre Vachon Family Band

Downtown Crossing (208-265-5080), Tennis

Eichardt's, Doug Bond

Elements, DJ Hype

Empyrean, Joel Smith, Jenny Wayne, Power Und Beauty, Monuments, Hockey

Envy Ultra Lounge (838-6308), DJ Fusion

Fizzie Mulligan's, Perone's

The Flame, DJ Twig

The Grail, From Sword to Sunrise, Bled by Design, Disecticide, Dread Effect

Iron Horse, Uncle Lucy

John's Alley, Izabella

Knitting Factory, Seven Cycles, DJ LG

Laguna Caf & eacute; (448-0887), Nick Schauer W/ Craig Landron

Madeleine's, Nate Greenburg

McQ's (891-8357), Party 201

Mirabeau Max (924-9000), Ray Vasques

Northern Quest, Foreigner

Oasis Tavern (928-5153), Borderline

O'Shay's, Jim Tilden Brown

Panida, Bearfoot

Peacock Room, Maxie Ray Mills

Pend d'Oreille Winery, Vance Bergeson

Picnic Pines (299-3223), Audio Burn

Raw, Talapia

Service Station, Ron Greene

Slab Inn, Ryan Larsen Band

Stage Right (208-265-8116), Rachel Sedacca

Talotti's 211, DJs Silent J and Loud Richard, Jive Turkey

Thumpers, Living Proof

The Viking, 6' Swing

Volcano's, DJ Reckless

Wine Cellar, Laffin Bones

Zola (624-2416), Rough Congress

Zombie Room, Nineteen Points of Nowhere, Rising Tides, Tom Batteries

Saturday, 9/27

Big Al's, Whiskey Ridge

Bigfoot, Mr. Happy

The Bing, Civilized Animal, Dan Cummins

Bluz at the Bend, Cary Fly

The Blvd., Early show: Coretta Scott, Not For Now, 10 CC Love Affair; Late show: Buffalo Jones, Mathew Lindley & amp; Troubadour Deluxe

Bonner Fairgrounds (208-290-5261), Shook Twins, Soverance, Sanctified Sin, Addicted Miss, From Sword to Sunrise

Borders (466-2231), Jonathan Nicholson, Mike Fekete

Bottom's Up (892-1778), DJ McSquared

Branding Iron (796-IRON), Two Dudes

Brews Bros. (456-5858), Ron Greene, Slow Dancing Society

Calypsos Coffee, Colleen Rice, Emily Brock, Matt Sonntag

Caterina, Debra Arylin, TJ Sherill, Jon William Johnson

Chillers, Slip Stream

Coeur d'Alene Casino, Thunder Road

Coeur d'Alene Eagles (208-664-5612), Plastic Saints

Connie's Lounge (208-255-2227), Comfort Zone

The Cretin Hop (1317 N. Howard St.),Sonic Death Ray, Lithium. ID, Water Ostriches, Citizen Arms, Doom Lit Sky

Crickets (208-765-1990), Eric E.

Curley's, Blue Fire Down

Eagle's Club (489-3030), Chris Ellenburg

Eichardt's, John Shipe

Elements, DJ Hype

Empyrean, Front: Kori Henderson, Jessican Hand, Wayne Patrick, Mark Ward, Henry Nordstrom, Hillary Susz, Annie O' Neil; Venue: Malign Prophecy, Zingaia, Age of Nefilim, Odyssey

Envy Ultra Lounge (838-6308), DJ Fusion

Europa, Ron Criscone

Fizzie Mulligan's, Perone's

The Fox, SJO W/ Diane Schuur

The Grail, Soverance, Sanctified Sin, Addicted Miss, Sword to Sunrise

Harding Center (208-683-2169), Free Whiskey, Arvid Lundin, Deep Roots

Huckleberry's, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful

INB Performing Arts Center, Peter Cetera W/ The Spokane Symphony

Iron Horse, Uncle Lucy

John's Alley, Paul Hanover

Knitting Factory, All That Remains, Trivium, 36 Crazyfists, The Human Abstract

Kootenai Farmers Market (208-661-2431), Jim Tilden Brown

Laguna Caf & eacute; (448-0887), Nick Schauer W/ Dana Wear

Mirabeau Max (924-9000), Ray Vasquez

Mootsy's, Behold, Rutah

Oasis Tavern (928-5153), Borderline

One Shot Charlie's (208-689-9968), PJ Destiny

O'Shay's, Jim Tilden Brown

Peacock Room, Maxie Ray Mills

Pend d'Oreille Winery, Rachel Sedacca

Picnic Pines (299-3223), Audio Burn

Prago, DJ Mashane

Raw, DJ Big Mike

Slab Inn, Ryan Larsen Band

Stage Right (208-265-8116), Brad Keeler

The Swamp, The Monuments, The Gomangoes, Great Legion of the Black Eagle, Space Age Fur

Talotti's 211, Three Dogg Down, DJs Silent J and Plese Shutup

Thumpers, Living Proof

Trick Shots, DJ Freaky Fred

Whitworth (777-3275), Joel Smith, Musee Mecanique

Wine Cellar, Laffin Bones

Zola (624-2416), Hot Club of Spokane

Zombie Room, Pour Soi, Belt of Vapor, Space Age Fur

Sunday, 9/28

Arbor Crest (927-9463), Columbia

Big Als, Borderline

Bluz at the Bend, Cary Fly

The Blvd., Bermondsey Joyriders, Random Noise, The Sissies

Connie's Lounge (208-255-2227), Vance Bergeson

Di Luna's, A Taste of Jazz

Empyrean, Man W/O Wax, Stilletto Formal, The Eighth Decade, Franklin Cover Up

Europa, Sidhe

Knitting Factory, Rhythmafia

Raw, DJ Big Mike

Steelhead, Ken Luker

Monday, 9/29

Connie's Lounge (208-255-2227), The Muddy Frog Wotters

Eichardt's, Blues Jam w/ Truck Mills

Empyrean, Rock the Vote W/ the Globes, Pickwick, Karli Fairbanks, David Bazan

Prago, DJ Lydell

Rockin' B Ranch (891-9016), Bruised Orange, battle of the bands

Volcano's, DJ Yasmine

Tuesday, 9/30

Beverly's (208-765-4000), Robert Vaughn

The Blvd., Katsumoto, This is the Hospital, Faus, Showgun

Connie's Lounge (208-255-2227), Robin Ellis

Elements , DJ Hype

Empyrean, Leper, Whalelimb, Merrick Diaries, Monolith, Reason for Existence

Knitting Factory, Gavid Degraw, Charlotte Sometimes

O'Doherty's, Celtic jam session

Peking, DJ LG

Shore Lounge (208-765-4000), DJ Brentano

Wednesday, 10/1

Bluz at the Bend, Sammy Eubanks

Calypso's Coffee, David Colon

Connie's Lounge (208-255-2227), Jim Tilden Brown

Eichardt's, Charlie Packard Band

Empyrean, Ice Cream Party, Juicebox, The Farm Circle, Through the Reflection, Drawing Two

The Grail, Ulijon Ron

John's Alley, John Shipe

O'Shay's, Robby French

Raw, DJ Fusion

Volcano's, DJ Yasmine

Zombie Room, Themes, Carcrash, Lander


Knitting Factory, HorrorPops on Oct. 3

The Vault (120 N. Wall), Hockey, Mint Chicks, Kevin Long, Gun of the Sun, Mathew Winters, Kaylee Cole, Dane Ueland, Noah Bennett, Lance Paullin on Oct. 3

Service Station, Minus the Bear on Oct. 8

Knitting Factory, Henry Rollins on Oct. 16

INB Performing Arts Center (325-SEAT), Jason Mraz on Nov. 7

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