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SEXY SPOKANE: Nominate a hottie

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Know a guy or gal who can out-sexy Burt Reynolds? Remember that.

Now, read on:

Since seemingly the dawn of time, the people of the Inland Northwest have looked to The Inlander for insight on how to live life to its fullest. It was true in the upper Pleistocene, when we published — on tanned vellum marked with crude charcoal writing implements — lists of the absolute best mammoth hunting grounds.

It's still true today. In everything from gift guides to food throwdowns to examinations of the state of justice, we always strive to offer the best, most in-depth coverage of all aspects of our little chunk of the world. 

And yet, there is still something missing.

All throughout our almost incomprehensibly long company history, we have never published a sex issue. 

In February, that will change.

That's all we're going to say for now. We know, we're total teases. And guess what? While you sit there at your computers — sweaty, breathless with anticipation — we're going to make you work for it.

We need your nominations for Spokane's Sexiest People. 

This can be any one. Married, single, gay, straight. The mayor. Your mailman. Doesn't matter, they just gotta make you hot.

Send your nomination for sexiest Spokanite (or Inland Northwesterner) to

BUT WAIT! Lest you think this is all about man parts and lady parts, we want to underscore the following: We recognize and celebrate the fact that there are as many flavors of sex appeal as there are sexual beings.

So if your dream girl is a BBW who doesn't fit society's absurd demands on body type, nominate her!

If your dream guy is a janitor who's all sexy in the brain — the kind of brain you just want to make sweet mentalcourse with? Nominate him.

Just do us a favor, help us understand the sexy by sending a photo and any other details you think adds to the person's allure.


And, if anyone's seen a woolly mammoth, let us know about that, too ...

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