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THIS JUST OUT - You will know baby Mario by the trail of dead edition

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Paranormal Activity 2
This fauxumentary excursion into Blair-Witch-dom teaches us the same thing that every pregnant teenager learns immediately after her first missed period: Babies are evil. Rated R

Life as We Know It
Cinema verité: Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl hate each other. When mutual besties die, though, they're forced to raise their godchild together. Like, by the courts or something. Rated PG-13

For Colored Girls
Bad news: Tyler Perry is still directing movies. Good news: He didn't write this source material. Result: something watchable. Rated R

You Again
Kristen Bell plays a picked-on girl who finds herself in close (read: familial) proximity to a girl who tormented her in high school. That monstrous crush we had on her during the Veronica Mars years? Diminished. Rated PG ---


Wii | Mario Sports Mix 
Repetitive gameplay and a dearth of sports in the mix. 

PC | Dungeons
& Dragons
decided to go solo, so Dungeons did too. HA! This is a reverse tower defense game à la the classic (and apparently better) Dungeon Keeper series, wherein you play the bad guy at the end of the dungeon. Your job is to capture the knights, wizards and sundry adventurers who seek to plumb its secrets.

ALL PLATFORMS | You Don't Know Jack
That irreverent trivia game from your childhood, adolescence and young adulthood is back for your ... whatever-age-you-are-now-hood


... And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead | Tao of the Dead 
Critics are either breathlessly cooing about or testily accepting the latest effort by these post-rock near-legends. Either way though, they're all uttering three words that will be music to stalwart fans' ears: "return to form." 

Motorhead | The World Is Yours 
Probably not an album of Nas covers. 


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