Monday, February 21, 2011

MORNING HEADLINES: The cold air of the future

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President's Day fireworks — The big news: Another bomb was found in Spokane, in a parking lot near Sinto and Lincoln. The anti-climax: It was a sparkler bomb, more useful for writing your name in the night sky than causing any damage. (KREM)

Winter's bitter revenge — You thought it was safe to start enjoying the sun? Not so fast. Local weather forecasters are pointing to data from national weather forecasters indicating an arctic blast is coming tomorrow. "Just in time for the  POLAR PLUNGE," KHQ says, excitedly. (KHQ)

Long-overdue changes — You might want to finally turn in all those Dan Brown library books you haven't managed to get through yet. Per-day fines are quadrupling from five cents to 20 cents. (SR)

Those darn Nazi neighbors are at it again — In a display of anger calculated to offend just about everybody, a swastika was painted on a north Spokane home and a bible burned on their porch. Tacky. (KXLY)

No more forward leaps — Good news for Thomas Friedman: The singular will of the Chinese government to accomplish great things will not be compromised. Spurts of that nasty democracy-protest fever that's been going around were quickly treated with a show of force. When it comes to squashing pro-democracy revolutions like, well, a guy under a tank, bet on the Chinese government any day. Egypt could have learned a thing or two from the next great superpower. (Daily Mail)

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