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THIS JUST OUT! Michael Jackson is Alive? Edition

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Alive? Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?
We totally didn't realize Michael Jackson is still alive like Elvis and Tupac and our collective sense of innocence, but an investigative journalist named "Pearl Jr." promises to present "compelling" evidence that he is. Not Rated, shockingly.

127 Hours 
If you love James Franco, here's 90-ish minutes of almost nothing but him. If you hate James Franco, he spends those 90 minutes in excruciating pain. Rated R

Love & Other Drugs
Viagra rep has issues committing to women. Rated R  

Cher plays lounge-singing fairy godmother to Christina Aguilera's golden-piped Cinderella. Rated PG-13


Wounded Rhymes | Lykke Li
Sophomore LP of down-beat dyspeptic dance music from a relentlessly adorable Scandinavian sad-sack.

Blessed | Lucinda Williams
Critical leaning on the legendary country-tinged folky's latest album is that it captures the brilliance of her '90s-era heyday.

My Main Shitstain | Paris Suit Yourself
No idea what this band sounds like, but I've resolved to begin referring to besties as "my main shitstain."

Forever the Sickest Kids | Forever the Sickest Kids
Power pop will never go extinct. Like cockroaches.


I think the videogame industry just decided to stop releasing games for a while. Seriously. It's all knockoffs and reissues and downloadable content as far as the eye can see. Do you need me to tell you to get the "Severed" expansion for Dead Space 2? Well, I'm not going to.

Smartphone games are a little out of the purview of this blog, but while I'm staring into the incomparable post-holiday bleakness of console releases these last few months, I feel the need to note that, if you have an iPhone, Tiny Wings will recalibrate your notions of how much time can be spent chucking a cute flightless bird into the wild blue yonder.

It'll easily rid you of the week you have to wait for Dragon Age II and MLB 2K11

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