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THIS JUST OUT: 'Autotuned landfill chartpop' edition

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Good stuff happening in DVDs this week kiddos. Music too, though it's more mixed. Videogames? Well, lets just say "Nascar." 


Black Swan
Natalie Portman is sexy crazy in this story of the pressures put on ballerinas by the world, and their crazy mothers. Read our review here. Rated R

Treme: Season 1
Though David Simon's second series hasn't gotten the gilded reviews of his first The Wire. People still fairly love Treme, the story of New Orleans rise (or lack thereof) from the floodwaters of Katrina. The main criticism is that it's painfully slow. The response, inevitably, is that it's like gumbo. Takes a while to stew, but eventually gets plenty spicy.

Mad Men: Season 4 
If you don't know what this is, you should check to see if your TV and Internet are set to 2005. 

The Ahhhhh-dorable tale of what Rapunzel does after she escapes that tower. Rated PG


All Eternals Deck | The Mountain Goats
If you're into weird-sounding, though emotionally prescient singer-songwriters, it's hard to go wrong with the Mountain Goats. This looks to be another solid entry.

Gimme Some | Peter Bjorn and John
In the five years since soft spoken Swedes broke into America with their excellent, understated Writer's Block, fans have been asking exactly the same thing as PB&J here: "gimme some" except, in our case, the statement ends with, "songs as good as the ones on your first album." Gimme Some is getting generally good reviews.

Femme Fatale | Britney Spears
Super crazy singer returns with songs that don't live up to her uniquely destructive personality. The best review calls it "an autopilot affair." The worst calls it, "an album of autotuned landfill chartpop which you will scour in vain for anything on a par with 'Womanizer'." Did it just get chilly in here?

Doggumentary | Snoop Dogg
The years have not been kind to Snoop Dogg. We'd like to tell you if that's the case here, but no one has yet been allowed to review this album. It's rare in pop music to keep critics away, but it happens a lot in Hollywood ... when films like Saw VI are made.

The King of Limbs | Radiohead
You already know what this is, but if you don't have it yet, it's now out on CD, if you still use those.


Great week for games if you're a redneck sports fan. Major platforms get WWE: Allstars and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 (though presumably without the most famous swing of Tiger's career, the one taken at his head by his soon to be ex-wife, Elin). PS3 and XBox get Nascar 2011.

The brand-spanking new Nintendo 3DS with its 3D-glasses-free screen churns out launch titles, which are received by critics with a near-unanimous "neat, but ..."


Dreamworks Animation: The Exhibition @ Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

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