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TRAILER FRIDAY: The Art of Hobo Elephant Lanterns edition

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He’s lonely, cynical, unfocused, self-destructive — in other words, Freddie Highmore (August Rush, The Spiderwick Chronicles) is like many teenage boys. Will he “find himself”? Of course he will. (Early reviews emphasize how formulaic The Art is.) The earth-shaking question here: Will he gather the courage to go beyond “just friends” with Emma Roberts? (MB) Rated PG-13

Michael Webber's documentary portrays the dangers and rewards of raising exotic animals as pets. Once activist Tim Harrison has railed against practices that cause animals to maim and kill their owners, Webber introduces Terry Brumfield, a disabled former truck driver who raises lions for the same reason that most people take Zoloft. Without Brumfield, Elephant is a news report; with him, it’s something like art. (LB) Rated PG

The second-tier DC Comics character gets short shrift in a film adaptation that took four writers to throw together too many levels of storytelling. Ryan Reynolds is OK if a bit flat as test pilot Hal Jordan, a cocky everyday guy who’s “chosen” by an interplanetary power ring to become part of an elite peacekeeping force. Blake Lively, his love interest, barely registers as a breathing person. Only Peter Sarsgaard, as a villain, gets to chew scenery, and he does it well. Lots of bombast, not enough control. (ES) Rated PG-13

Like Snakes on a Plane, this scores high in the Descriptive Title category: Creepy Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, 29 years ago) is a homeless guy. He knows better than everyone around him. He’s NRA-approved. His answer to corrupt cops, drug dealers and pedophiles is to torture and kill them. Not Rated

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