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MORNING BRIEFING -- Copper and Pizza Bandits

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‘Round These Parts

Your Pepperoni or you Life -- A man with a knife, making slashy-slashy motions, robbed a pizza delivery man of four out of the five pizzas he was carrying Sunday night. Which poses the question: What sort of sick, twisted madman doesn’t take the fifth pizza? (SR)

Coppers search for Copper Caper Criminals – A reward has been offered to seek information about the thieves of copper wire in Post Falls. The theft caused $10,000 in damage. (CDA Press)

The Lilac Revolution -- A new Lilac Queen has been crowned. Sydnee Scofield of Central Valley High School Queen has not been asked whether she will execute her competitors, scatter their ashes to the wind, and exile their families deep into the Palouse. (KREM)

‘Round Those Parts

Occupy Wall Street’s back, baby -- With the acceleration-factors of technology, now Americans feel “nostalgia” for more and more recent times. Like, remember those halcyon days of 2011, when we were young, and hordes of protesters would march on our capitols and our financial institutions, condemning income inequality and the power of the rich? Well, things have gotten pretty retro lately, with Occupy Oakland’s violent protest spurring 400 arrests and awakening the “Occupy” movement from its slumber. (MSNBC)

Worker drones -- America is out of Iraq. And by “America” we mean, actual flesh-and-blood Americans, not, it turns out, Machine-Americans, like the drones that watch the skies overhead. Already, the drones have angered several Iraqi officials. (NYT)

Complete reformat -- The Great MegaUpload Purge continues, with constant episodes of HBO’s Deadwood and DVD rips of “Bridesmaids” being held hostage. The latest problem to arise after the arrest of the file sharing sites eccentric CEO and seizure is that the site, famous for sundry full-length DVD quality copyright violations, actually held some legitimate material. Now, those files could be erased. (Atlantic Wire)

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