Friday, November 30, 2012

Is Obama setting up a concentration camp in Mead?

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We got an anonymous tip today from a "longtime Inlander reader" about her co-workers' latest conspiracy theory: concentration camps.

"They beleve that Obama's going to declare martial law and that the feds are preparing the old Mead Kaiser plant for a concentration camp," says our caller. "And that's exactly what they're calling it."

She continues: "They believed that a woman stumbled onto this and they put a chip into her. These people are college educated, they voted for Romney,and they truly do believe this."

"They made aluminum there," she adds. "Like, foil."

Now, set aside questions like who will be concentrated in these camps? and what sort of American soldiers would actually consent to guarding innocent roundups?

We don't even have to get that far, because the Kaiser plant isn't even owned by the government. It was bought earlier this year by New Mill Capital, LLC. So maybe they know something about Obama's concentration camp?

"That's the first I've heard of this," says Greg Schain, executive vice president of New Mill Capital. "Wow."

Schain says New Mill acquired the property to turn it into an industrial park. The property is going through environmental testing now, with demolition to begin in the next few months on some of its structures.

Unless Obama is now pulling the strings on large real estate and asset corporations like New Mill, there probably isn't a concentration camp coming to Mead.

Photo via Environmental Liability Transfer

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