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Liquor Control Board changes 1,000-feet rule for pot shops

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The Liquor Control Board said today it will use an emergency measure to change its definition of "1,000 feet" in the rules it's writing to govern future pot operations across the state.

Previously, the board had moved from a straight, as-the-crow-flies measurement to one that measured distance via public pathways like sidewalks or roads. Now, they're moving back toward a straight measurement. The change, says WSLCB Director Rick Garza, is meant to align state rules with federal ones. Garza says U.S. attorneys Jenny Durkan and Michael Ormsby told the board they plan to interpret the 1,000 foot rule as a direct measurement from one property line to the other.

"We don't want to be in conflict with that," Garza told a conference call of reporters today. 

The 1,000 foot rule, written into Initiative 502, is meant to keep marijuana growers, processors and retailers a reasonable distance from places where children will be, like schools, parks and playgrounds. Garza says since no applications have been filed, he's not aware how the change might impact the number of marijuana businesses that end up licensed by the state.

Learn more about the board's proposed rules for recreational marijuana businesses here and here. Read the complete list of rules here and find more coverage of recent marijuana news here.

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