Thursday, September 19, 2013

MORNING BRIEFING: Cami Bradley, Ted Cruz, and Walter White

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The good news: Spokane is no longer the location of crimes reminiscent of Breaking Bad. The bad news: It's now the location of crimes reminiscent of Hannibal.

Washington State is getting richer quicker than it expected. Good news for state agencies. (SR)

The long and glorious reign of Cami Bradley as America's Talent Haver has come to a close. (USA Today)

The "Spokane will have the next mass shooting" prediction is not only dumb, it's a bad use of data. (Inlander)

The closure of the Coeur d'Alene Summer Theater leaves big questions. Like, am I going to get my money back? (CDA Press)


Pope Francis argues that maybe there's more to Christianity than talkin' 'bout gays and abortion. (NYT)

John McCain writes an anti-Putin op-ed for, a not-very-highly-respected Russian website. (Washington Post)

How Ted Cruz threw the House GOP into another unwinnable funding showdown. (The Atlantic Wire)


Why people who are rooting for still rooting for Walter White miss the point of Breaking Bad. (And the point of morality.)


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