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The most popular print stories of 2013

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We like to assume people read our stories in the print Inlander each week, but really we have no way to know. We can tell you which ones get the most hits online, though, and here they are. (We previously listed top searches and blog posts.)

Top print stories

1. Without a Trace: How do you find someone who disappears into thin air?

2. Writing the Next Age: Twenty years ago, Spokane’s Cyan released one of the most successful games ever. Then the story changed

3. America’s Team: Gonzaga is the top team in college basketball. How did that happen?

4. A Different Beat: The No. 1 song in America. A world tour. Overnight fame. Ryan Lewis is just getting started

5. One Love: As 16-year-old Lorissa Green lay dying, her grieving mother started a letter to the people whose lives Lorissa would forever change

6. Wonder Women: A fight about sexism in geek culture goes a lot deeper than scantily-clad superheroes

7. Spokane Brewery Guide

8. America’s Pastime: Phish isn’t a baseball team, but their fans sure act like they are

9. Their Own Private Idaho: How Kootenai County became “the most Republican county in the most Republican state in the nation”

10. Man vs. Wolf: Loved and hated, the gray wolf finds itself a target for hunters as advocates call for continued protection

11. Bar History: Uncovering the storied past of the Park Inn, one of Spokane’s oldest restaurants

12. Silence of the Hives: America’s honey bees are dying in droves, and colony collapse disorder is the least of our worries

13. Our Kids, Our Problem: Who are Spokane’s “street kids” and what do they need?

14. Born This Way: A Spokane Valley kid turns heads with his image and inspires people around the globe

15. Trail of Questions: A University of Idaho freshman wanders out of town and never returns

Top stories from previous years

Some of the stories with the most page views in 2013 were written as long ago as 2011. It didn’t seem fair to put them in the regular rankings, so here are the top posts from previous years:

1. Blood Money: In lean times, people tap a renewable resource: their own plasma

2. Guy Fieri Eats Spokane: Behind the scenes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Inland Northwest edition

3. The People Left Behind: When a 13-year-old dies, a whole community is left searching for answers

4. Back on the Block: Why last month’s spa raids may put more prostitutes on the street

5. The Meat Grinder: When the debt-collection machine comes for its pound of flesh

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