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CAT FRIDAY: Introducing the official Cat Friday Twitter

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It's become a sort of game around the office between myself and a few other Inlander staffers that no one can ever send me a viral cat video/link/blog/photo that I've not already seen. It's very, very rare someone finds something about cats on the Internet that I haven't seen first. (And yes, I'm quite proud of this.)

click to enlarge Follow Cat Friday on Twitter at INCatFriday.
Follow Cat Friday on Twitter at INCatFriday.

The majority of my personal Instagram and Facebook feeds are nothing but cat stuff. It's the reason Cat Friday breaks so many "viral cat sensation" stories (we wrote about Grumpy Cat and Colonel Meow at the beginnings of their climbs to the top). I'm alerted of these things on a daily, almost nonstop basis.

But not everything I encounter in my cat lady web crawling sessions are worthy of an entire blog post. And I don't want to scare away all my followers who couldn't care less about cats, either, so sometimes I just laugh and/or squeal and move on, rather than be one of those annoying link over-sharers. (To which cubicle mates on either side of me will call out: "Chey, are you watching another cat video?")

Then one day it hit me — why can't Cat Friday be the outlet of sharing these adorable finds? With the newly created Cat Friday Twitter feed, it now is.

I'll be curating epic cat finds to share via Twitter on what I hope will be a daily basis. But our Tweets won't be limited to solely promoting the Cat Friday blog. The wide world web of cats is a complex and confusing place at times, and it will be the duty of Cat Friday's Twitter to help you less-obsessive cat lovers out there navigate that world.

I'll be sharing everything from cute cat photos and videos to uplifting stories of cats that have overcome a rough life or unfortunate situations. I'll also focus on sharing local cat stories, such as cats at the Inland Northwest animal shelters waiting for their own homes. And, of course, I'll always be open to sharing things that — while not new to me — may be unseen by followers. So Tweet me your suggestions.

And now go follow Cat Friday. @INCatFriday. Do it. Right meow.

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