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Do you know this Spokane couple featured in the Onion?

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Today the Onion featured a Spokane couple in a story headlined “Woman Who Changed Self to Please Boyfriend Enjoying Happy Long-Term Relationship.” Presumably you don’t know them since the Onion is a satirical news outlet. (We do trust our readers not to be stupid, but it still has to be said up front.) But chances are you know someone like them.

From the story:

“When I first started dating Michael, things were a little tense and uncomfortable because there were aspects of my personality that didn’t appeal to him, but once I suppressed my thoughts and feelings and completely changed who I am, everything got better,” McMullen said of her formerly flagging romance, which was blissfully revived the instant the quiet and introverted woman began forcing herself to attend loud parties, switched her typically understated dress in favor of more feminine and revealing clothing, and resolved to abandon her passion for activities and issues that held no interest for her boyfriend.

Spokane has been chosen — presumably at random — for the setting of Onion stories in the past, such as “Everyone On Campus Afraid Of That One Bar” and “Wife Unfazed By Husband’s Sad E-Mails To Other Women,” as well as a handful of national news updates. Coeur d’Alene has been featured only once way back in 1997, according to search results, for “Homoerotic Overtones Enliven NRA Meeting.”

We did put the image into Google's lookalike image search, and nothing came up. So we have no idea who the people in the photo really are.

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