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Kickstarter Roundup: Leather cases, dreamy shirts, urns and a children's book

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It's been a while since we took a look at some of the local projects on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms. Here's a summer update.

A duo of local designers called PACT is raising money to create wallets, cases and satchels made of only USA-tanned leather. The laser-cut patterns are brought together right here in Spokane by a nontraditional fastening system. Rather than a logo, a PactMark — a rectangle with a pattern of filled and open circles unique to each customer — represents their commitment to individuality and minimalism.

This campaign launched last week and is already 14 percent of the way to the $50,000 goal with 24 days remaining.

Goal: $50,000 • Deadline: Jul. 31 • Minimum donation to get something: $20 for you to customize your own PactMark pattern; $35 for a wallet

My Knowledge Clothing Company seeks to encourage others to live and dream. A project of 14Four designer Joey Bittner, the "dream" series consists of shirts with quotes, dreamcatchers and clouds on them to serve as daily reminders to keep chasing your dreams.

Goal: $2,500 • Deadline: Jul. 27 • Minimum donation to get something: $7 for a sticker pack

Craftsman Mike Ross saw a story on the news that he could not ignore. Unclaimed or unidentified cremation remains of war veterans were being placed in a memorial wall, but they were shown inside plastic bags or cardboard boxes. Ross knew that those veterans deserved better, so he started making purple heart wood urns. He is now trying to raise money so that he can craft and donate at least 50 by September.

Goal: $2,500 • Deadline: Jul. 30 • Minimum donation to get something: $1-10 for a thank you card including pictures of the urn and ceremony; $15 includes a piece of purple heart wood along with the card

Coming to the end of their second campaign on Kickstarter, Nana Needs a Rutabaga is a children's book about two boys who go to the grocery store with their Grandmother and end up chasing a monkey that popped out of a animal cracker box all around the store. The illustrations are paid for, but funding would go toward the costs of publishing.

Goal: $5,200 • Deadline: Jul. 11 • Minimum donation to get something: $10 for a thank you postcard with the cover illustration; $20 for an electronic copy of Nana Needs a Rutabaga 

Your Own Mobile App allows you to design your own app to share messages and pictures with your family or close friends without having to show the rest of the world.

Goal: $2,000 • Deadline: Jul. 23 • Minimum donation to get something: $2 for your own app for you and another person for one year; $5 for you and four other people for one year

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