Thursday, November 13, 2014

MB: Ice, butts, and Lego limbs

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The Southgate neighborhood worries having a bike path will bring more crime to its neighborhood. (SR)

Ousted Planning Director Scott Chesney contacted local superstar employment law attorney Bob Dunn about suing to get his job back, but ultimately decided against it. (SR)

"Passage of Riverfront Park bond puts new ice rink on front burner," which hopefully won't melt the rink. (SR)

C-SPAN founder lives in Hayden now, and he's all about that 3D printing. (CDAP)


GOP is back to slamming Obamacare, thanks to commentary from an academic who helped design the law, explaining it passed partly because of lack of transparency and the “stupidity of the American voter.” (Washington Post)

Rest easy, Sherman Alexie. Hachette and Amazon have buried the... what's the phrase? (NYT)

FIFA inquiry finds FIFA was only sorta unethical in its handling of the Russia and Qatar World Cup bids. But not enough to really worry about. (NYT)

In a move just screaming for a movie adaption, a kid builds a prosthesis made out of Legos, making everything a little closer to awesome. (The Atlantic)


America says it likes big butts. Is it lying? And if it's not, what does that Mean For Feminism?  (The Atlantic)

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