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MB: Fireworks danger, required vaccines and doctors leaving Greece

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The Spokane Tribe has partnered with the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and hopes to open a branded casino in Airway Heights. They're still waiting on a signature from Gov. Jay Inslee to determine if they can build a resort casino at all. If Inslee does green-light the development, the Spokane Tribe says it will create 5,000 new jobs. (KREM)

Spokane County settled a lawsuit brought by the father of a mentally ill man who was denied medication while in custody at the Spokane County jail. The suit hinged on a public records law violation and was settled for $27,000. (KXLY)

Fireworks are super-dangerous this year. Everything in the state is dry and hot and ready to catch on fire; we've had 300 brush fires so far this year. Plus, fireworks aren't even legal most places in Spokane County. Choose people and houses over fleeting entertainment. (Spokesman-Review)


Californians can't decline vaccines based on 'personal beliefs' anymore thanks to a new law. Kids whose parents choose not to have them vaccinated — assuming there's no bona fide medical reason — will not be allowed to attend public school. (VICE)

Jeb Bush has made a lot of money since leaving the Florida governor's office, as evidenced by his newly released 33-year archive of tax returns. He's earned about $29 million since 2007 through speaking engagements, consulting and investments. He's also paid 36 percent of the last three decades income in taxes, setting him apart from past presdiential hopefuls like Mitt Romney who managed to keep far more of their income than the average American. (NPR)

Following in the footsteps of other highly educated professionals, doctors are leaving Greece en masse. "The country is hemorrhaging talent, as professionals in medicine, engineering and academics flee for a better economic climate and more stable employment," reports the New York Times. Since 2010 Greece has lost 3 percent of its population — about 300,000 people in total — as many as 5,000 of them doctors. Yikes. (New York Times)

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