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Etiquette lesson: What should you never do at a concert?

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Apparently someone at Business Insider is a big music fan, because this week they published a list of 10 Things You Should Never Do at a Concert. He covers all the expected bases — taking too many pictures, ignoring the band, getting too drunk — but there are definitely some holes.  
Here are a few things that could make all of our concert experiences better if we abide by them: 

Keep your shirt on. Some dude-bros insist on taking off their shirt when they build up a sweat, particularly at metal and punk shows. No one likes going home covered in someone else's sweat. No one. Cover it up. 

Don't order mixed drinks at a packed club show. You're seeing a great band. You're thirsty and try to make a quick trip to the bar for a beer without missing too much of the show. The person in front of you decides it's time to play "stump the bartender" with some idiotic order. "Can I get six Lonely Grizzlies on a Beach? What do you mean you don't know what that is?" Keep it simple, people. Shots and beers will do you right. 

Mind your manners while you navigate the crowd. Barreling through a crowd, causing multiple people to lose significant parts of their beer to spillage, is no way to go through life. Be conscious of your fellow show-goers' beverages. 

Dancers take precedent. If you want to sit, move. This is controversial; battles between ticket-holding sitters and standers have raged forever. I'm firmly in the corner of the standers/dancers. If someone pays good money for a concert ticket and wants to dance at the show, they should be able to do just that. Yes, the sitters paid for tickets, too, but they can sit at home and watch videos of the band on their computer or TV. A concert is an interactive, hopefully transcendent experience, and sometimes that requires standing. Ideally, a venue would have areas for the dancers to get their groove on, but until that becomes common, I stand with standers. 

And, finally...

Never yell "Freebird." It's over, man. Been done. Move on. 

What other things should fans never do at a show? Hit us with some ideas. 

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