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New jobs for Todd Mielke, Jon Snyder and other big news stories of the day

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• When Spokane closes a CEO job door, it opens a CEO job window 

County Commissioner Todd Mielke didn't get the CEO of Spokane County job that he wanted. But that's okay, he ended up with a CEO job anyway. Starting in February, he'll take over as CEO of Greater Spokane Inc. That leaves a spot open on the board of county commissioners. 

• Snyder-Man's Daring Escape!
click to enlarge New jobs for Todd Mielke, Jon Snyder and other big news stories of the day
Jon Snyder is leaving for Olympia, presumably not by bike

At the same time, Spokane City Councilman Jon Synder is leaving the council in order to take a job as Gov. Inslee's policy advisor for Outdoor Recreation and Economic Development, marking yet another promising, intelligent idealist leaving Spokane for the West Side. It also means another opening on the city council. Apply now. 

• Ultimate Bar Fighter
Mixed martial arts star Julianna Pena was arrested on assault charges after Zola bar staff allegedly denied her wounded partner the use of the bathroom after hours. She allegedly responded to the denial, rudely, with kicks to the groin


• Rare Loot 
Sometimes, when you break into a vehicle, you find a window scraper, some change, and some stale McDonald's fries under the seat. Other times, it's a sheriff's department vehicle, and you leave with a Colt M16A1 rifle, a portable radio, a bulletproof vest and a Canon digital camera. If you have any information, there's a cash reward. (KXLY)

• No charges 
In a case that sparked plenty of conspiracy theories, 28-year-old Sandra Bland was found hanged in her cell after landing there due to a traffic stop. However, grand jurors have declined to indict anyone in the case, though it's still technically open. (New York Times)

• Some of his best friends are black

Donald Trump's campaign has been called racist by observers from a wide variety of political spectrums. So what happens to his black friends? Some, like Russell Simmons, have denounced their former amigo. Others like Hangover star Mike Tyson, have continued to defend him. (New York Times)

• Permit Denied 
The attorney general of Virginia, which has tougher gun laws than many states, will no longer recognize concealed-carry permits from half the states in the country. (Washington Post)

• A Great Name For a Rock Band

The AV Club itemizes the year's strangest band names

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