Sunday, January 31, 2016

The best GIFs (so far) of 2016

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The first month of 2016 is almost over and GIF world has brought us some hilarious moments. Below are some of the funniest:

1. This captures the reaction of "Revenant" star Leonardo DiCaprio when Lady Gaga bumped into him on her way to accept her award at the Golden Globes. 

2. Tina Fey gives a Sarah Palinesque shimmy on SNL. When in the club, use this move.

3. When James Corden asks Adele if she'll ever write a musical, she is candid. Same Adele, same. 
4. You can't help but wonder if he'd just had a little more protein for breakfast, he'd have been able to do it...
5. That must be nice.
6. When her mom asks if she uses her birth control for her skin, Kylie Jenner responds with some serious side eye. 
7. When your mom tries to kiss you in public:
8. When Steve Harvey announced the wrong Miss Universe winner and she had to give up her crown to the real winner, Pia Wurzbach, the exchange was cringe-worthy. This happened in December of 2015, but it's timeless in the history of blunderous mix-ups.

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