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A rogue bulldozer, a big bomb, exploding rocket fuel and other morning headlines

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click to enlarge A rogue bulldozer, a big bomb, exploding rocket fuel and other morning headlines
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The ospreys are back at Kendall Yards, and their talons are sharper than ever!


Brothers, can you spare some dimes?

Catholic Charities asks Spokane Valley and Spokane County for, well, charity to help fund their 24/7 shelters.

The yeast of these
How yeast can give vegans protein and make vegan food taste less bland.


The Spokesman Boys and the Mystery of the Runaway Bulldozer
Who approved the illegal road on the South Hill bluff? The contractor who bulldozed it is playing coy. (Spokesman-Review)

Public records for thee, but not for me
Unlike Idaho, Washington legislators exempt themselves from the public records act, because the business of the public is — Shhhhh!a secret. (Spokesman-Review)

The walls in the way of the wall

Does the city's Bosch Lot plan for a new climbing gym violate the city's charter? (Spokesman-Review)

Okay, actually it is rocket science
A rocket club experiment goes bad and injures four University of Idaho students — one critically.

Bomb away!
Trump drops the "Mother of All Bombs" on Afghanistan. (New Yorker)

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